The Way You Think the Way You Are

It is said that once in a lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold. None of us might enjoy the life as it needs to be. We are dissatisfied people who are unaware about the fact - 'the way you think the way you are!'
Why do you surrender yourself before the circumstances?
How far you crave for a perpetual struggle?
How much time will you invest into introspection?
Aren't we stuck-up in our own thoughts?

Giving up is an easier way out,
Don't grudge on the dark miseries of the past,
That will ruin your golden destination in the present,
And the future goal needs to set yet.

Get out of your own constrain emancipation,
Neither blame nor cry over the issues of discrimination,
Try to get rid of ego and overcome procrastination,
Setback when time requires alternation.

The way you fall the way you should rise,
Everyone stands where God wishes,
No matter who will be the first and last,
You stand where your goals want.

Not the rich or poor can decide his own fate,
One may shelter even under a tree's shade,
Life depends on how you react and take,
The way you think the way you are!
By Vaishali Satwase
Last Updated: 10/18/2011
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