The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 1

Stefanie is a spy... an 18-year-old spy! While she's on a vacation, she gets a call for her mission, a mission to spy on her neighborhood. What follows her is a series of strange events and secrets that takes more than being a detective!
Stefanie climbed into her red car and started the engine. It was a cool day in California... the wind was blowing and the sun wasn't too bright. Stefanie loved these kinds of days for a drive. You know being a detective is not that easy. All her days are full of action and drama, but now she's on a vacation and enjoying her life to the fullest.

"Oh shit!" Stefanie exclaimed.

She looked around and realized that she had forgotten her cell phone at home. For a while she was worried but then she reminded herself that she was on a vacation and nobody would be calling her at this time.

Stefanie was just 18-year-old, but situations have made her one of the most famous detectives in Florida. Both her parents were detectives who worked for an agency called 'spy eye' but unfortunately a project went wrong and both of them lost their lives. Stefanie had nobody at that time to support her except the agency's manager Mr. Murray. He was a fast friend of Stefanie's father and was very keen on becoming her guardian. So Stefanie started living with him. At that time, she was only 13 and as she grew up in an environment where everybody talked of mysteries and crime. Her own mind became a little inquisitive. She solved her first mystery when she was just 16 and then there was nothing that could stop her. But she just turned 18 last week and gave herself a break and came to California for a vacation. Stefanie turned the volume up and enjoyed her ride.

She came back to her hotel at around 7 pm and checked her cellphone.

"What?" She said to herself as soon as she saw that there were 14 missed calls from Mr.Murray. She knew Mr. Murray wasn't the kind of person who'll call her on a vacation and asked her if she were having fun or not, so she crossed her fingers and called him back.

"Where were you Stefanie? I've been trying to call you since morning,'' Mr. Murray started raining as soon as he picked up the phone.
"I thought, I was on a vacation!" Stefanie replied sarcastically.
"Sure you were."
"What do you mean by I was?"
"You're on a mission now."

Stefanie could actually feel the smirk on Mr. Murray's face.
Published: 3/26/2014
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