The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 10

Mrs. Rose' weird behavior and a scrambled day!
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Chapter 10

After recovering from the nervous breakdown, I had after seeing the photograph
I settled down myself on my bed and tried to sleep. But I guess, the stars were completely against me as just when I thought I was asleep, I was disturbed by a doorbell. DING DONG!

I went downstairs to open the door and standing behind the door was the last person I wanted to see right now Alec!

"HEY!" He said cheerfully.
"Hi!" I said without smiling.
"Umm... can I?" He said making a gesture with his hand as if he was asking for a permission to come in.
"Yaa sure," I said and led him into the living room.

After settling on the couch and offering him some soda to drink I said, "So? What brought you here?"

"Why are you asking such question? What do you think are you the only person who can come up randomly to meet me?" He said with a smirk.

Gosh! I was already in a bad mood and this boy is here for a friendly chat.

"Oh there's nothing like that!" I said while trying to put a smile on my face.
"Can I ask you something?"
"Today when you came to meet me I--I--...Stefanie... you weren't kidding when you called me your friend right?"

"What? Are you mad Alec? Why would I lie about something like that? I am not someone who'll play with someone's emotions." I said while compressing a huge mountain of guilt in my heart... God, why are you making me do something, but then he's just a criminal... why am I feeling bad?

"Alec, I need to ask you something?" I said.
"Sure... what is it?"
"Alec, I trust you ok and I don't want you to lie... that day."

Ding Dong! Another doorbell interrupted my question and I lost all the courage that I had gained to ask him this question.

"I'll see the door," I said as I stood up to open the door.
"Where's Alec? Is he here?" Asked Rose as soon as I opened the door.
"Ya, he's in here."

"Where?" She asked impatiently and without waiting for another answer, she went inside started screaming his name frantically.

Alec came in the lobby immediately and he looked alarmed.
"MOM...I--I--." he struggled with words.
"So now you've become disobedient as well... How many times do I have to tell you to.. to..." she stopped before completing her sentence realizing that I was standing there.

I swallowed hard and asked, "What's wrong Mrs. Rose? He was just here to--"
"You stay out of it," Rose said looking at me with a stern expression that surprised me... her always sweet personality was gone!

"Mom but what's wrong if I?" Alec tried to ask, but his mother cut him off again.
"Look boy, we don't want anymore trouble because of you now, get back home!" She snapped sharply at him and without uttering another word Alec quickly followed her out of the house while gently closing the door behind him... poor him!

But look at me what a perfect ending I've got to my perfect day... looks like all the bad things had to happen today only!

"But no Stef, you're a detective... you have to keep going, just look at the bright side in midst of all this mess you have collected so many evidences, so tomorrow when you wake up just remember it's time to connect the dots!


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Rabiya - Well, if you are liking the twists let me tell you there's a lot coming I think you're really gonna enjoy reading this story further. And the suspense question is really high! Do comment again like always.

BriBri - I really must tell you that you're really creative though Felicia is not what you suspect her to be 'cause there's no case of memory loss, but still I must appreciate your creativity... are you a writer too? I'm waiting for your answer to the next quick question.

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Published: 5/7/2014
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