The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 11

A very twisted chapter. Alec's picture guys!!
I woke up the next morning with a heavy head. I hardly slept last night because of all the questions that were spinning in my head. So after taking a long shower and indulging myself in a breakfast full of chocolates, I sat down to finally solve this riddle.

I started thinking from the beginning... it all started from Mr. Murray's call... his decision to choose me for this mission even though I was on a holiday. My introduction to the Fly's followed by a series of sweet gesture of Mrs. Flynn and the angry behavior of Alec which later changed. Adam's loneliness and the entire Felicia thing! I thought about it all and the only conclusion that came into my mind was to talk it out! But with whom? Wait a second... my mind is now thinking about a whole new angle to this story... something's missing and I have to find out what is it?

I quickly went inside my special secret room and switched on my computer. Hacking people's account was something that I learned during my training and now I was ready to put that in use for this case.

First up, I searched for Alec's account on the social networking site and using my wits I logged into it. After checking everything carefully, I found that the account was last used on 14 December, that is three years ago. I checked his inbox and everything had been deleted, no photographs were there... just nothing but the fact that he has not used his account since three years is definitely very important for me.

I switched off my computer but I knew I'd be needing it soon again!
Then I went to the Flynn's house.
"What do you want?" Hannah asked in her usual manner as she opened the door for me.
"Hi... haven't seen you in a long time." I said politely.
"Look if you're here to meet Alec, he is not in here."
"No worries, I was here to meet Adam... haven't talked to him in long time."
"He's not here as well."

"Don't lie ok... I just heard him few minutes ago." I lied. "Look I won't take long just 2 minutes max. I am here to give him these cookies... please let me go."
"Ok, but not a second longer than two minutes."
"Aww... thank you." I hated thanking her but I had to.
I quickly went to Adam's house and locked the door.

"Hey... where were you all these days?" He asked happy but surprised to see me.
"I was here only... but just a bit busy."
"Oh... glad you're back. I just learned a new trick in chess... I'll beat you in two steps... ready to play?"
"Am sorry Adam but I'm here to give you something. I'm a bit busy... I promise I'll come later on."
"Ok," he said in a sad tone.
"Hey... look what I got for you... cookies!" I said trying to cheer him up and God he was delighted to see them.

"You made it?"
"For me?"
"For you." I said while pulling his cheeks.
"YWESS," he said while munching his cookies.
"Can I ask you something?"
"For how long Alec's been staying here?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean... when did he come to stay with you guys?"
"Ummm... three years ago? Why are you asking that?"
"Nothing... I was just curious you know."
"Ok... but don't tell anyone I told you that."
He smiled at that and took another bite of the cookie... looked like he was really enjoying it.

"Hey you open the door." I heard Hannah shouting while knocking the door."
"I'm done... he really likes the cookie." I told Hannah as I made my way downstairs. But she kept quiet and kept staring at me until I left the house.

"Ahhhaaa!" I exclaimed as I sat down in front of my computer again.

"So this it... everything started three years ago when Alec came... but what did he do? But wait Mr. Murray told me that they were stealing infants for just a few months... so is it not connected with Alec? Gosh!"

Just to clear my queries I searched the Internet. I found many newspaper articles which dated back to three or four months ago when the series of infant kidnapping started. So I thought that may be my conclusions about Alec being a starter of this frantic kidnapping was wrong, but then suddenly my gaze went over an article dated 13-09-2009.

I clicked to open the article and found out that there was a family who were stealing kids and right after that there was a recent article saying that the string of events that came to a hault three years ago have started again. In the end of the article was a question "HAS THE DEVIL WOKEN UP AGAIN?"

"Yes...! it has." I said aloud.

Then I searched more and found out that the Flynn's started this series of kidnapping in 2009. They abducted nearly 2000 kids but then suddenly they stopped their kidnapping in the midst of 2010. There was no evidence as to who this family was as there were no pictures of them and no clues. They kept shifting places and were never found. But now again 2014 they resurfaced... following the same pattern of kidnapping as they did before... the only difference was that now people mentioned that they had two sons!

So all this led to one conclusion... that the Flynn's are not newbies and neither is Mr. Murray, he wouldn't hand me a case without extracting complete information... so either he was careless this time or maybe he was expecting me to be.

So now I have a lot of work up my sleeve and it's all gonna start from Mr. Murray!


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Rabiya - Felt nice to see, read your comment once again. If you have read my previous stories then you must be knowing that I have always completed all my stories and plan to do the same this time as well. And yes, the suspense quotient is going another notch higher with every chapter... hoe you're enjoying it... and yes I am posting a picture of Alec... do tell me what do you think. As far as the contest is concerned I just hope you'll be commenting till the end and if you're really not up for the contribution part, no worries but please don't stop leaving your comments.... eager to read your comment again. (Are you the same Rabiya who commented on 'Treacherous'?)

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Published: 5/12/2014
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