The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 13

Mr. Murray spills the truth.... can Stefanie handle it?
After the heavy discussion with Mr. Murray and practically quitting on my job, I headed toward the parking lot. I was just about to sit in my car when my phone rang. The caller ID flashed MR. Murray's name and though I wasn't in a mood to talk to him, but still I picked up his call.

"What is it?" I said.
"Mind coming up again?" Said Mr. Murray.
"Look I'm no more available for riddles."
"What if I tell you the truth this time?"

So, it must have seemed funny you know, but I was craving for the truth at that time so without any arguments, I agreed to see him again!


"So what is it?" I said while arranging myself on the chair.
"Look, I know you were upset with me about a minute ago, but I can't bear seeing you that angry, so I have decided to tell you the truth."

"Which means you agree that you were hiding something from me?"
"Yes... I was, but that was for your own good Stef!" He said.
"I--I don't know what's good for me anymore. Just get to the point. My mind's already numb right now... don't know what blast you're coming up with?"

Mr. Murray remained silent for a while and looked at me, eyes intensely as if he was trying to make sure I was ready for the truth or not. Though at the back of my mind, I knew that I couldn't have just run away from the truth and I have to face it, but the look on Mr. Murray's face made me all the more nervous and I questioned myself whether I was ready for it or not.

"Stef... even though you have your doubts, but I want you to believe very word I say 'cause I am going to tell you nothing, but the truth. Secondly,.." He drew a deep breath and continued, "The reason I didn't tell you the truth before is that there are a lot of things that even I don't know and if I would have told you the truth, my only hope of knowing the entire story would have ended."

"I don't get it," I said with eyebrows jotted together due to the confusion that was surrounding me.

"So the entire story traced back to the year 1994, the time when your parents were the talk of the town of being the best spies Florida could have had. I was still one of your father's closest friends at that time and with time our friendship was just getting stronger."

He smiled a little remembering the good old times, but then his eyes grew intense as he continued, "But I wasn't the only close friend your father had at that time, there was another dear friend he had, his name was David."

"David? I have heard that name before... wait is it-" My eyes grew wide as realization suddenly hit me.

"Yes... it is true... he was none other than David Flynn your father's best friend. They were so close at that time that no one ever thought that anything could ever go wrong between them. David and your father Josh got married around the same time. Your father got married to your beautiful mother Grace and David to that wretched Rose. Then things started to change. Maybe it was that cunning Rose or my foolish friend David, but they decided to adopt a male child only so that he can grow up to become a spy like your parents. Rose was jealous of your parents position in the society, she thought adopting a child would give her a new hope, life, and a reason to be happy. So they went to this lady named Martha who, what should I say supplied child? Yes, that's exactly what she did."

"Wait... am getting a bit confused now. They wanted to adopt a male child that's fine with me, but why didn't they just simply went to an orphanage."

"That's where the click comes my child. They couldn't approach an orphan because that would require all the formalities and stuff which meant that they would like to know if the Flynns had a steady source of income or not which they clearly didn't have, so they decided to skip all that ad approach Martha. Martha was kind to them and she gave them their son... Alec!!"

"Wait - what? Alec's been adopted?"
"Yes... and that was the turning point. It wasn't just Alec who came into their life... crime did as well!"


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RABIYA - So how's the story going so far? Yes... I have started with 'Treacherous Sequel'... do read it and comment when you get time. And I have just completed my school waiting for the results.

BriBri - Wow... got a cool job to do, I must say. And your guess about Alec not being their own son was right... any further guesses? Please comment again.

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Published: 5/17/2014
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