The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 14

The most important chapter - MAJOR REVELATIONS!
After Mr. Murray told me that Alec has been adopted by the Flynn's, I was literally stunned!

"Wait a minute... what made them criminals?" I asked.

"Well, after Alec was adopted from Martha, Rose and Martha became good friends. Well, Martha opened up about her business to Rose and offered her a job... and the job was to get some infants for her agency!" Mr. Murray paused for a while and scratched his forehead.

"So Rose agreed to it?" I asked.

"Yes and David too. Look they needed money and Martha was offering them a good amount of money for all they were doing, but their greed took to such an extent that they started kidnapping young children instead of looking for orphans."

"So they still work with this - what's her name? - Martha?"

"Yes. But things soon changed and that's where everything turned upside down. Your father came to know about the hideous deeds of his best friend and his wife, so he asked them to stop this dirty job as soon as possible, but it was too late. They'd already been doing this job for a year and now they didn't want to stop. Your father was adamant to make them stop this crime and so he filed a complaint against them and a warrant was issued but by that time the Flynn's had already disappeared and the case was closed after a vain investigation."

"What happened next?"

"Next, the friendship turned to rivalry and revenge is a very bad thing indeed. David was furious over your dad's decision to file a complaint against them and so one night he came back... for revenge! That was the night when the devil showed his true colors... It was the year when you were born and you weren't alone Stefanie no!! Born a minute before you - was another angel who looked just like you... It - it was your twin sister Stefanie." Mr. Murray's words clasped on me like a thunderstorm.

"You, you mean to say that this... this picture is of my sis - sister."


"But where's she now and why didn't you tell me about her before... where's she Mr. Murray answer me," I cried.

"She was kidnapped. She was kidnapped by the Flynn's and I don't know what happened after that cause..." He stopped speaking and bit his lip to stop the tears from escaping from those dark eyes which looked so gloomy as they stood out like a metaphor for a rainy day with gray clouds.

"What? They kidnapped my sister and you just let them be happy for all these years huh?"

"NO... Stefanie, no! If I had wanted, I could have put them behind bars now, but there's a reason I didn't do it 'cause there's more justice that has to be served."

"I am not getting any of this."

"You will when I tell you this-" He sighed and continued, "when you were 13, your parents had found those criminals and they died... Everybody says it was an accident.--that--that-- their car went out of control and all that stuff, but I know the truth. It wasn't an accident, it was a murder. "

I looked at Mr. Murray with my eyes wide with horror, shock, anguish and every powerful emotion that could have gone through my head at that time. The Flynns' weren't just criminals they were murderers as well and yet nobody knows that.

"And now let me give you your answer Stef as to why I didn't tell you everything beforehand because I wanted some answers. Don't you get it... look here, your parents were murdered by them and there's no evidence, your sisters was kidnapped by them, but nobody knows where she is. If I would have told you everything from the beginning, you wouldn't have found this, have you?" He asked while pointing at Felicia's picture.

"So that's why I hid all these facts from you, by now you know it all and you know that you cannot quit. You need to find your sister Stef and that's what your mission is and at the same time you also need evidence to prove that the Flynn's are your parents' murderers!"

I didn't say a word to that. I was so shocked... still trying to absorb everything. Suddenly, the flashback of the my parents' memories started playing in my mind. Everything and then it was Felicia, my sister! How she looks just like me yet more beautiful! And then there were the Flynns who had spoiled so many lives including the little Adam... and then there's Alec...he knows my sister... was he involved in all of this? Does he know this? Oh.... there's still too much left to be answered.


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BriBri - Hope you are liking the story so far and 'yes' Rose is not a lady to be in someone's good books and I'm sure after reading this chapter, you'll hate her even more.
Published: 5/22/2014
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