The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

After getting back home, I laid myself down on the bed. My head was feeling so heavy and my heart was beating fast. I just felt like that I've been struck by a thunderclap... but the truth was that there was no time to heal myself, every second was important and I just couldn't have missed anything, so I decide to gear up myself again and complete this story. With all these thoughts, I slowly drifted into a deep sleep hoping that it would last a little longer, but like always it never did.

The next morning brought me to face the biggest challenge in my life. It all just seemed so funny to me now, after spending all these years being a spy for others, I never expected that one day I will be solving a case related to my own life.

After having a heavy breakfast which would keep going all day long, I headed toward the Flynn's apartment.

"Oh, hi dear, I was actually thinking about calling you hear today," said Rose as she welcomed me in. I just didn't understand this lady at all... one moment she wanted me to stay away and the other moment she wanted me to be her guest, huh.

"Ummm... is that so? Why? Can I help you anyway," I asked making an innocent face.

"Oh yes... totally. But first sit down and make yourself comfortable," she said while she gestured Hannah to do something.

Though confused, I settled myself down on the couch and then noticed Alec and his dad coming downstairs. Alec looked at me with a surprised look which clearly stated, 'I wasn't expecting you here.' but then he quickly looked away due to obvious reasons.

"Mom why did you call us down here?" He said with a straight face.

"Oh, I--actually we," she gestured toward her husband.

"Wanted to talk to you guys about something... so Alec why don't you sit down first."

Alec rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch next to me, but he clearly avoided looking at me.

"So first of all.. umm - Stefanie dear, I would like to apologize to you for being so rude the other day... I--I--hope you would--"

"What are you talking about Mrs. Rose? I can understand that you must be having your reasons for being like that 'cause I know, you're a very gentle lady."

"That's so sweet of you Stefanie, but seriously, there's this matter which is disturbing me for a few days and I am feeling a bit irritated because of that, so please excuse me for my bad behavior, will you?"

"Ah, sure... It's ok I--I-- can completely understand." I said while internally all I wanted was to kill this lady. "But MRS. FLYNN if you don't mind can I ask you about matter which is disturbing you so much?"

"Yes actually, I was just coming to that and that's why I called Alec downstairs. You see there's an aunt of mine who's not doing very well with her health these days and she lives all alone. She is just like my mother you know and to see her suffer so much just gives me so much pain that I can't even express. I am feeling so helpless---I--I--" She broke down in tears and Mr. Flynn started comforting her. After a minute, she calmed herself down and said, "Stefanie I know, you are a very sweet girl and you share a good bond with Adam and therefore, I couldn't think of anybody else, but you who can help me through this."

"What kind of help... in what way?" I asked.

"See... after giving it a thought, I've decided that I should go to my aunt's house and look after her for a while, but you know my husband's a busy man and Adam has got school to attend and taking him with me wouldn't be an easy task, so I was wondering if me and Alec go there will you--"

"But wait, wait, wait, I'm not going anywhere," Alec said cutting her off.

"But Alec, how can I go there alone?"


"Alec," said Mr. Flynn, "do what your mom's asking you to do and no further questions am I clear?"

Alec dropped his head down and simply nodded a yes in reply.

"So Stefanie since Alec is going with me and I need to take Hannah with me too for an extra help you know, will you look after Adam in my absence.. you know my husband here will be too busy with his work and Adam's too small to be left alone, so will you be kind enough?"

I sat silent for a while thinking about saying yes or no. After giving it a thought I replied, "Ok, I will."

"Thank you so much... you don't know how much burden you've lightened."

"That's fine Mrs. Rose."

Mrs. Rose was just finishing her thank you speech while Alec stood up and went straight to his room.
Published: 6/6/2014
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