The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 19

So what is Stefanie's fate?
I closed my eyes and crossed my fingers. My mind was blank as hell... my arm was hurting badly due to the deep cut and I was counting my last breath when suddenly I heard the main door open.

"Stop right there!"

I heard a voice of a male... and I instantly guessed who he was.

"Alec! What are you doing here?" Asked Mr. Flynn whose face had become red now.

I looked in the direction of Alec, my eyes pleading for help and Alec looked at me trembling with fear.

"I said don't hurt her... stop!" Alec shouted at his dad.

"Alec my boy... please let your father finish his job,'' he said grinning at him.

"You are not my father!" Alec said angrily.

The smile disappeared from Mr. Flynn's face and his face lost its color. The grip he had on the knife loosened a bit as he tried to make out what Alec had said.

"Yes... I know am not your son," Alec fired those words at him again.

Mr. Flynn stood erect now reasoning me from his grip and faced his son.

"What did you just say? Do you have any idea in the world --"

"Oh please now! Don't you just start telling me about the mounts of sacrifices you've made for me... because you know what... I was never happy with my life or should I say my life that you created. You just never loved me dad... never."

"Oh! Ok, so that's what you think now huh? Fine, let it be like that for now. I will come to that later. But for now--" he said pulling me back into his grip and putting a knife around my neck, "I've got some business to finish."

"Leave her right now dad!" Alec said sternly.

"Or what son?"

Alec took a deep breath and then took out a gun from his pocket and pointed it at his father.

"I know you wouldn't do that... I am your father."

"I can surely shoot and remember I just said that, I don't care about you being my father anymore."

"I know you have never held a gun before my boy, so don't try to shoot. Think of poor little Adam, we are his parents too."

"Oh.. then I must tell you that he would live a much better life without you."

Anger shot through Mr. Flynn and he quickly cut the knife through my cheek. I screamed in pain and Alec quickly ran towards me.

"Leave her!" Alec said pointing the gun at him.

"Or what Alec... you will shoot me? Shoot your dad? "

"I won't hesitate."

Mr. Flynn pulled my hair in anger and I screamed again.

"This is enough, leave her or I shoot," Alec warned.

"You'll shoot me... then shoot... shoot!" Mr. Flynn dared Alec with confidence.

Alec closed his eyes for a moment and then the entire hall was filled with an echo! I stood frozen at my place, blood dripping from my flesh, yet, I was so numb that I couldn't feel a thing.

Alec fell on his knees instantly burying his head in his palms. I looked on the placid body of Mr. Flynn lying on the floor.


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Published: 7/4/2014
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