The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 2

So what's the entire mystery about and what danger lurks over, Stefanie find out?
Stefanie's POV

Here goes my vacation! For once just for once these mysteries could've stayed away from me, but no they follow me everywhere.

"Are you still there?" Mr. Murray's voice brought me back to reality.
"Ah! Yes sir... um... so what's this mission all about?"
"Come on, I cannot brief you on phone. I want to see you at the office... take the first flight down to Florida and an hour to freshen up. Clear?"

I stood open mouthed... that was height of cruelties.
"Clear?" Mr. Murray repeated again.
"Ye... yes! I'll be there sir."

And then the next moment, I found myself packing up my clothes and grabbing a taxi for the airport... vacation's over!


I was sitting in Mr. Murray's office. The chair was comfortable, but I hated waiting for him to come in this dull wood paneled cabin.

"So you're finally here?" I heard Mr. Murray's voice from behind.
"Yes... after you made it all sound like an emergency, I had no choice, but to follow your instructions," I replied sharply.

Mr. Murray sat on his chair in front of me and took out a red-colored file.
"So what's the matter?" I asked.
"Well, a month ago there was a report or should I say reports of a family stealing infants!"

Mr. Murray began.

Well, yes, the matter is serious, I couldn't help, but laugh at this.

"So what can I do about that... I mean the family doesn't need a detective, they need a psychiatrist if they're actually doing that!"
"I'm not kidding here Stefanie... I'm serious. This family has claimed the life over 50 children and the reason is still unknown."
"I understand that this is quite serious sir... but out of all the detectives that the agency has... why me? Why... what makes you spoil my vacation like that."
"So I see... your vacation is that important for you."
"Well, my first vacation... was important."
"Ok, but it was more important to have you on this mission."
"And may I know why?"
"Well first, not to deny you are one of the most talented detectives we have around."
"And second and the real reason?" I asked by cocking an eyebrow at him.

"Well, you're a teenager and this family won't suspect you when you'll be spying them and you can easily make your way in." Mr. Murray paused and then his eyes grew intense, "and..." he continued.
"They are your new neighbors!"

Surprise! I wasn't expecting this at any cost.
"No way, my neighbor was Jansie, a 30-year-old lady!"
"Yes, she was, but while you were on a vacation she moved out and there we have our new guests."
"Oh my god, I'm living next door to criminals."
"Don't worry they're only interested in infants... not even toddlers, so feel safe."
"Ok, I guess, I don't have any option... so tell me more about it."

Mr. Murray opened the red file and started showing me some newspaper articles. There was a picture of a family... parents, 2 kids, and a housekeeper.

"You see this is the family we're dealing with," said Mr. Murray.
"But when they are in the newspapers, how come they're still free... shouldn't they be behind the bars?"

"Smart! But law needs evidence my dear and there are no proofs against them, except a few families doubting that they stole their babies. And above all these reports are all from small towns, so practically all they could do was keep shifting their homes... but now they're here in Florida. I wonder what they plan to, but this is our only chance to catch them red-handed."

"But who told you about it? I mean if the cops are not paying much attention to this, so who reported?"

"Well, I got a call from a lady who told me about them and sent me all these pictures and articles... she told me that she lost her baby too and she was keen on taking revenge. At first, I was a bit disinterested, but then I thought why not? I mean if this goes right, our agency would be a worldwide hit and at the same time we'll be able to provide justice to so many families and save the life of little babies who they plan to steal."

"So much thinking on your part Mr. Murray."
"Will you ever be serious?"
"Well, that's my style," I said flipping my hair.
"Ok then, you better head home, not forgetting that there are some mysterious people living next door."
"Anything else?" I said arching an eyebrow.
"Best of luck."
"Thanks!" I said, I picked up the file and my handbag, and moved towards the door.
"And one more thing!" Mr. Murray interrupted.
"What?" I asked as I turned around.
"Do you need any security?"
"You're forgetting that I'm a black belt and a gold medalist in boxing."
"Still... yo--"

Bang! I shut the door on his face.


Author's note

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Published: 3/28/2014
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