The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 21

Here's the major truth...!
"Alec... you - you ..ahh! My sister... she was..." I tried to speak, but all the tears were stopping me to do so.

"I know Stef that you probably hate me right now and you have the entire right in the world to do so... even I hated myself all these years for doing so, but not after what I know now... not today!"

I looked at Alec as he spoke those words. He was trying to convince me and something in his eyes told me that there was a lot more than I should be knowing before I make any conclusions.

"Is there anything you want to tell me which would help me to think a little better about you?"

"Yes, Stef trust me, since that day I've hated myself so much, so that I stopped talking to anyone... no friends no one! I became a cruel person Stef, but what could I have done. I lost my best friend Stef. I lost her! After that incident my family shifted somewhere else and that's when I got to know about them!"

"About who?"

"About my parents Stef... they were criminals. They kidnapped kids and that made me hate my life even more Stef...I hated every second of my life, but soon everything changed."


"When I saw you Stef!"

I looked at Alec his eyes were intense and though I could see how badly he was trying to hold back his tears, he still couldn't stop them from glazing his eyes!

"You know when I saw you.... my world it just turned upside down. I knew you weren't Felicia, but you reminded me of her so badly.... even of my mistake! And that's the reason I was so rude to you. But that day when you cried because of me, I felt so bad. And I realized that you are here as another chance... another chance that god has given me to free myself from the guilt and hurting you was a very bad thing indeed and then I talked to you and it felt like my life was back to normal again... I finally made another friend!"

"So why were you trying to distance yourself from me?"

"Because I thought you weren't worth my friendship... you are so nice and I --I was a criminal!"

"So why did you save me today?"

"Because I know the truth now."

"What is it?"

Alec took a deep breath and told me that his mother lied about the sick aunt thing and what happened after they reached there.

** Flashback****

When Rose stopped talking to Alec because of the call she went outside to receive it. Alec doubted that there was something fishy, so he followed his mother and heard her conversation.

"Look Alec is overreacting, we need to finish this up quickly." Rose said over the phone and then listened the reply.

"But I don't think I'll be able to keep him here tomorrow... look just get over with her tonight."

"Ah! If only we wouldn't have killed the wrong girl that day, we would have been so out of trouble..."

Alec's eyes widened in horror as he heard her mother.

"I didn't know that there were twins ok...I paid the compounder to get the child how the hell would I have known... listen I don't care now, all we know is that we killed the other one... what was her name... Felicia... yes her by mistake and of course, nobody knows it because we blamed Alec for it, so this one's gonna be our first understand..."

"Oh.. lock up Adam somewhere. I don't care... I want you to get rid of that Stefanie tonight, am I clear?"

Adam was in shock! Not only his parents had killed Felicia, but they had also blamed him for it and now they were planning to kill Stefanie too.


" And that's why I came here to save you. I knew that I would be needing a weapon, so I used the same revolver that my father had gifted me... he thought I'd never shoot because it reminded me of Felicia, but he was wrong... now I know, it wasn't my mistake. Yes, I lost her and she lost her life because of me too. Only if she weren't my friend, she would have been safe, but after knowing the truth, I just couldn't have let them win once again... not lose another friend and so I shot!"

Alec dropped his head down and sighed. So Alec hadn't actually killed my sister.

I threw my head back on the seat and started to cry. I had held these tears for so long, but now I just couldn't help, but let them go!


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Published: 7/10/2014
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