The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 22

Some peaceful time.... guilts removed and much more!
"Stefanie stop crying please," Alec said wiping my tears away.

"Ahh... you know what Alec, I've cried after so many years... no, that doesn't mean I don't cry, but I haven't cried because of my past for so many years and nobody has ever wiped my tears away." I smiled a bit as I wiped away the tears from my cheeks. "You know what Alec, you truly are my true friend."

"Don't say that Stef... you know that I'm not a good person at all. All these years, I have done nothing, but hurt people. Well, I've played an equal part in the crime, my parents did as they have. I deserve to be punished Stef... I don't deserve anything else but punishment," Alec said while looking down at the steering... his eyes full of guilt.

"Alec, you are right that you did wrong... knowingly or unknowingly. You did support them, but the truth is that you have already served your term by putting an end to all this. If you've been bad Alec, you would've let me die, but you didn't. In fact you killed the one person who was so important in your life!"

"I don't know what to say right now Stef. I'm so... well, I'm wrecked right now!"

"So am I!" I sighed. "But now it's time to fix up all the broken pieces and break down all the walls," I said smiling at him.

"What do you mean?" Alec asked raising an eyebrow at me.

"Well, just start driving and I'll. give you the directions!" I said with a smirk on my face.

Alec turned the ignition on and started driving... I threw my head back and inhaled deeply, letting the cool breeze sooth me down.


Half an Hour Later...

Alec had this funny look on his face while he was trying to figure out where he was and why was he there. I kept looking at him and finally burst out laughing.

"Why are you laughing at me?" He said raising an eyebrow at me.

"You look so funny."

"Well... I -- what's this place," Alec asked.

"Welcome Stefanie and a big congratulations to you...another mission successful," said Mr. Murray as he entered his office.

I immediately stood up from my seat and went ahead to shake hands with him and hug him.

"I'm so proud of you," he said and in a few seconds tears were falling from his eyes.

"Hey... no crying and thank YOU for being there for me," I said as I wiped away the drops of tears from his cheeks.

"Umm... you guys know each other," Alec asked.

"Oh yes, very well." I said looking at Alec as we approached toward him and settled down.

"Mr. Murray this is Alec, the boy I told you about. Alec, this is Mr. Murray, the head of our agency," I said introducing them to each other.

Both of them exchanged smiles and shook hand, but Alec was completely confused.

"Agency?" He finally gave up and started asking questions and now it was my turn to answer.

"Alec, I'm a spy!"


"Yes and my parents were too..." and then I told him the entire part of the story that I knew. After knowing the fact his parents hadn't only killed Felicia, but my parents too, he was red with anger.

"I understand Alec that you must be very angry, but trust me they're being served well now," said Mr. Murray.

"Yes... I was just about to ask you this... what happened to Rose and Hannah, did the cops find them?" I asked.

"Oh yes... how could they've escaped," Mr. Murray smirked.

"Thank God!"

"Yeah... that's good, but what about Adam, where's he?" Asked Alec.

"Don't worry we found him... apparently he was locked up in the bathroom. He was crying a lot when we found them, but don't worry he's better now. We've sought the help of a therapist who's consulting him right now. You know that we have to tell him the truth, but it has to be done in a very careful way... he's just a child," said Mr. Murray

"Yes... he's just a child," Alec said as he swallowed the lump in his throat. "But they didn't understand that, did they? They tried to involve him in this dirty game of him... heartless... cold humans!"

"Relax Alec!" I said trying to calm him down.

"Well... we have to head to the police station now. We've to complete the investigation... you know that there's so many questions that we still need to know about," said Mr. Murray.

"Ummm... yes. Alec?" I turned toward him.


"Do you want to come along or stay here?"

"No... I want to go and see her and kick her hard!"

"Alec please calm down... you are only hurting yourself and they are not just worth it... you sure you want to come?"


"Ok then let's go," I said looking at Mr. Murray.


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Rabiya - Thank you so much! Unfortunately the story's about to end... but I'll be writing more... hope you keep reading and commenting.

BriBri - So you must be feeling really good right now. Adam's found! Rose is behind the bars. Everything's going good, but the story is not over yet! So, see you in the next chapter.
Published: 7/14/2014
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