The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 24

Things get better and yes, after this chapter there will be an epilogue... keep reading!

So here's the final chapter after which there will be an epilogue. So as per the contestant there are some obvious winners....Rabiya and BriBri. Though there was meant to be only one winner, but I guess both of you were pretty close and then Rabiya told me earlier that she isn't very creative, so I guess both of your combination would be best! So I would be extremely glad if both of you will tell me how the epilogue should be and I would surely incorporate your idea into mine!... cheers!


My words came out as a blow for both of them.

"What are you saying Stefanie?" Mr. Murray asked in surprise.

"No, Mr. Murray... I have thought a lot about it lately and I think my decision is completely right."

"But Stef... you just can't give up like this..." Alec said.

"Look I know both of you are thinking I am crazy to say such a thing, but believe me, I have been thinking about this a lot and I guess I've made a right decision."

"Stefanie... I don't know what to say in this matter but I've seen you all these years and I know if you have taken a decision then you must have thought wisely about it.. so I--"

"What are you saying?" Alec spoke cutting off Mr. Murray in between. "You can't let her just end this like that! ... this is rubbish."

I tried to hide a smile on my face which was ignited due to Alec's concern for me.

"Alec, I think we have a long vacation ahead, so I guess we have enough time to discuss this matter." I said trying to lighten up the environment.

Alec just shrugged and rolled his eyes at me.

"Ok... so shall we go now, Mr. Alec?"


"Well... it's my turn for surprises now." I said winking at Mr. Murray.


"Stefanie please tell me what are you up to?" Said Alec whose mind must've been spinning due to the blindfold he had been in... all thanks to me!

"Just a minute... stand still!" I said in an ordering tone.

He stood still as per my command and I slowly undid the blindfold. Alec opened up his eyes and blinked a few times trying to adjust his eyes to the brightness of the room which was full of kids, playing, dancing, eating, jumping around and frolicking in every possible way.

"Stefanie?" Alec raised an eyebrow at me.

"Yes... Alec this the orphanage that belongs to us!"

"You mean?"

"I mean... we've saved them!"

"Really..." Alec looked around the room. He couldn't contain the excitement in him and he was struggling very hard to stop himself to join the kids.

"And you know what Alec?" I said turning his attention towards me again.

"I guess now Adam is finally going to get his friends."

"Yes and I think there's no need for a vacation now."
"What?...who said that. I'm definitely up for a vacation... I don't care for anybody else!" I said shrugging my shoulders at him.


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Bribri - So there are a lot of plans to cheer Adam up.

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Published: 8/21/2014
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