The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 3

Stefanie finally meets her neighbor... how's the meeting gonna be?
So I reached home and before opening the door, I took a look at the new neighbor's apartment. The door was closed and the house seemed quite, nothing suspicious. For once I thought that these people are being wrongly blamed, but then I reminded myself of that old saying, 'Don't judge a book by its cover.'

I stepped into my house and turned on the lights and looked around my boring apartment. The living room was painted in a dull cream color which had a brown-colored couch and an LCD. Just opposite to it was the kitchen which was to my liking kept clean. Well, Mr. Murray gifted me this apartment when I was 17 as he thought that I was old enough to live alone. Well, the apartment is spacious and in the center of the city, but I truly hate him for doing such boring interiors. I mean seriously who thinks of choosing cream and brown for a teenager's house? But thankfully he let me do the interiors of my bedroom and saved me from the sleepless nights... so, yes, my bedroom was the favorite part of this entire apartment.

I climbed upstairs to my bedroom and took in the smell of the wonderful roses that were kept in the vase. Well, nobody gifted it to me, but I made sure that my room smelled nice, so every morning a florist comes with a bunch of roses. As I was out of town, I guess Mr. Murray had taken care of that.

My room was a presentation of my personality. The walls were painted hot pink and the room was furnished with black. A study table piled up with files and just above it the wall was adorned with newspaper articles that praised me for the wonderful work I've done. Yes, a spy cannot reveal her identity, so none of them had any pictures of me or my name... but they referred to me as young Sherlock or sometimes the witty teen from spy eye! How I wish that one day I could walk into a chat show and brag about my experience but that day would only come when I retire.

Well, I snapped myself out of these thoughts and concentrated at the present case. I made a mind map of how I am going to begin with the mission not thinking about the end because that's something that never goes according to the plan.. so why waste time? After I was satisfied with my plan, I went to the study table and opened up my diary and started scribbling my plan on it. After I finished with it, I found myself smirking and thought to myself, 'This is gonna be fun.'


Due to the exhaustion of the previous day, I woke up late the next morning. After taking a bath and dressing up into a tee and jeans, I went into the kitchen and made a toast for myself. And finally I went into my secret detective room... yes! You heard it right. Well, first of all, let me tell you that the entry to this room is very interesting. Inside my wardrobe behind all those clothes is a keyhole. As soon as the lock opens up, the back of the wardrobe turns into a sliding door and we're in my secret detective room... yeah!

This room is kinda cool because it's filled with some amazing gadgets that a spy could have. From the very basic things such as binoculars and telescopes to some techs like spy cameras and microphones, to extremely cool things like silent guns, yes, the guns that don't make sounds when triggered to a small hair clip which had a camera attached to it. I fixed the hair clip on my head and put a camera, a pair of scissors, a knife, and some chloroform in my handbag. I also wore a bulletproof jacket under my shirt (Yeah! I know, that's too much, but who's taking risk) and inserted the silent gun in my socks just like cops do.

The next moment, I found myself standing in front of my neighbor's door. Ok, so it's time to put my plan in action.

I rang the doorbell and the door was opened up by a lady wearing aprons. She was plump and blonde... just like in the photograph. She was the housekeeper.

"Hello! Is Jansie here?" I asked pretending not knew that she has moved out.
"No Jansie here miss... you're highly mistaken and disturbing," she replied rudely.

I was cut off by a woman who said, "Is this a way to talk to people, Hannah? How many times do I have to tell you to mind your tongue?" The woman said as she walked toward the door.

Hannah made a face at her and walked away. The lady walked with a smiling face toward me. She was long and slender and had dark brown hair. Her eyes were green and her complexion was like porcelain with a few wrinkles on her face, she looked like a superstar.

"Hello!" She said in a warm tone.
"Um... Hi! I was here to meet Jansie," I said.
"Oh! I'm sorry to say, but the lady moved out of here few days ago and we've taken her place."
"Ok... well, I was on a vacation, so I didn't know about it."
"Well, can I help you in someway."
"Oh.. no.. actually. Yes... well, I'm Stefanie." I said as I extended my hand toward her and shook it firmly, "I'm your neighbor."

"Oh great to see you. I'm Rose Flynn."
"Nice to meet you too."
"So how can I help you?"
"Um... actually as I told you I was out, so I didn't realize that I have run out of flour. So can you lend me some."
"Sure dear... actually, no, I can't," she said making a sad face.
"Sorry?" I said giving her a confused look.

She suddenly started laughing and said, "Don't worry, I'm not a rude or unhelpful neighbor, the thing is that we've just baked breads and I think you must try it. Come in, I'll give you a good loaf."
"No... no thanks, flour will do."
"Know what, back in my old town I was known for my breads... don't miss the opportunity dear, come in."

I was a bit reluctant at first, but then I thought this would only make my plan easier. So I walked inside the house and waited in the hall for her to get me a bread loaf. I took a quick look at the house. Although I've been here several times earlier to meet Jansie, but the interiors were changed, the place looked somewhat more sophisticated.

"Here you go," I heard Rose's voice from behind and then the entire room was filled with the smell of cinnamon and butter.

Rose handed me the bread and said, "Hope, you'll like it."
"Well, it smells so good. I guess, I'll love it. Thank you so much Miss Flynn."
"Correction... Mrs. Flynn," she said with her never-ending smile.
"Oh sorry... I'll remember that."

"Oh that's fine dear, how could you know when we're meeting for the first time," she said.
'Oh, I sure know a lot more about you than you think I do,' I thought to myself.
"Well, thanks again. I'll leave now, already getting late. If you need any help, I'll be here for the rest of the day," I said politely.
"Sure dear. I'll make sure to come and disturb you," Rose replied.

I simply replied with a smile and walked out.


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Published: 3/29/2014
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