The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 8, Part 1

Another chapter... this part is short, but I'll be posting the rest of the chapter soon.
Next day I woke up with a headache and the entire day was spent sleeping. I still hadn't finished my business with Alec, but I was a clueless about my next move. But as they say just like. Murray called me.

"Hey pumpkin, how are you?" Mr. Murray said in a cheerful tone.

"You know, I hate that word Mr. Murray," I said actually wrinkling my nose at that word.

"And you know I love calling you that... anyway you sound a bit dull!"

"Yeah... I am a little low today and thank god you called."

"So what's the matter?"

"Actually it's a bit complicated... okay, so it goes like this." I took a deep sigh and then told him everything.

After I was finished with my story Mr. Murray took a long time before speaking another word.

"Look Stefanie, I've put you in this mission because I trust you remember that. I have full faith in you and just be strong... you can't let your emotions overpower you."

"Emotions? What emotions are you talking about?"

"You know better than me Stef, now just think about why you became a spy in the beginning... I know everything will be alright then." And then he hung up.

I can't help but wonder why he always have to be all saint types... giving me his words of wisdom and leaving me with a riddle to solve. Ok, so let me think about why I became a spy in the beginning...


Hate leaving the chapter here, but I'll continue soon.

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Rabiya - When you said you ain't liking it, I did get a shock, but then when I read the entire felt great.... Keep commenting, thanks!
Published: 4/23/2014
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