The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 8, Part 2

Something interesting and a call from Mr. Murray.
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As I spent my time thinking about all my previous cases and how making people happy, saving someone's life gave me pleasure. I literally felt lot more relieved and revitalized when suddenly I heard a crackle. I got up and went to my bedroom from where this sound was coming and realized that my spy camera that was showing an empty Flynn's library for the past few days now finally gave me a view. There was a woman with her back toward the camera. I quickly sat in front of the TV and started looking at it more carefully.

"We'll have to think of something," said the woman.

"I can't understand why are you exaggerating this so much," said a man and I recognized his voice immediately... it was Mr. Flynn.

"Exaggerating?" The woman said facing the camera, she was none other than Rose, but to my surprise this time her fa├žade was down, "my son hasn't spoken a word since yesterday and you say I am exaggerating!"

"Look... he's a young boy. Give him some time, alright?"

"Fine... but there's one thing I know for sure all of this has something to do with Stefanie, so we better keep her away from Alec."

With that Mrs. Flynn stormed out of the library and Mr. Flynn followed her.

I sat down on the bed with one hand on my forehead... my god! What is wrong with Alec and.... and why am I being pulled into all of this?

This case is just getting more and more twisted up... it's no more about infants only. I guess there's a lot more that's going on.. but why am I not able to see it?

You know whenever I get trapped in a case, there is my book of inspiration which I always refer to. It has got some amazing collection of quotes and experiences which always motivate me, so I quickly opened it up and started reading it.

There was a quote that caught my eye, it said, "When what appears to your eye doesn't seem sensible, look behind the scene and believe it... cuz that's the only reality left to see."

And you know who said it... my dad!

So I prepared myself and started planning my next step... to meet Alec!


Meeting Alec was not as easy as it used to be before.

1. Rose wanted to keep me away from her... so I got into the house when she was out and Mr. Flynn had gone to work and Hannah was accompanying Rose (they were probably out for grocery shopping), so it meant that Alec was alone in the house.

2. Alec was upset with me quite obviously, so even though he was alone in the house the chances were very weak that he would let me in.

After thinking of all the pros and cons of my plan, I finally rang the doorbell to Flynn's apartment realizing that I don't have forever to put my plan in action. After patiently waiting for few minutes, I got my reward, Alec opened the door!


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Author's Note

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Published: 4/25/2014
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