The Weird Neighborhood - Chapter 9, Part 2

A twist in the tale! What's behind the photo.
After drinking the soothing coffee and making amends with Alec, I returned home. Believe me I didn't even care to take out my shoes 'cause I was just so curious about the photograph. So I sat on my bed with my shoes on (sorry for my manners) and then looked at the picture frame once again... Alec's face drew my attention... he had this wide smile on his face and he was looking so calm, a perfect picture right? But just as Alec's smile hides a lot of secrets in real life, this picture was just doing the same.

I settled down the picture frame on the bed and then opened it up. The plastic cover came out and just as I was expecting there was another photograph hidden behind it. I took a deep breath and turned the photograph slowly to see it and what I saw shocked me. I am not someone who believes in supernatural phenomena or anything, but this picture had a completely different story to tell. The picture showed me something that made me question my own beliefs... something that seemed so unreal... so unbelievable!

I grazed my hand over the photograph just to make sure it was all real and not my imagination.

"How is this possible?" I murmured.

Well, right in front of me was picture of Alec much younger one... maybe he was sixteen at that time, but obviously three years don't change you so much that you become unrecognizable..i. t was Alec smiling stupidly on getting his hair pulled by a girl who looked exactly like me! She had the same features as me... same complexion, same catty eyes, thin lips and sharp nose... the only difference was the color of her hair. I am a blonde, but she had jet black hair which made her look all the more prettier! But right now I wasn't concerned about her looks, but about her uncanny resemblance to me.

You know I've seen this movies about twins separated at birth and people having lookalikes but how could I have believed this is true. Damn! It just felt like dream.

My mind was roaming wild and I couldn't make head or tail of anything. I just didn't know what to do next when suddenly... something clicked my mind. I remembered, Alec calling me Felicia and how he behaved when I questioned him about it.... so is it possible that the girl in the photograph is Felicia? And if this is true then why did Alec behave so rudely when he first saw me? And where is Felicia now? And who was she?

There are so many questions left unanswered and I don't know who will be the source of the answer... God, I guess this case is more than what I thought it would be!


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Rabiya - So how's the twist in the tale like?

BriBri - I must say you are really good at guessing... let's see how correctly you would answer the next quick question. And by the way how's the new twist, like?


Author's note

I'm posting the picture of Felicia and Stefanie.


Quick question

Who do you think Felicia is?
Published: 5/5/2014
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