The Welcoming Arms of Death

The desperate misery of a broken love.
It's been fourteen minutes since I last saw you,
And already I'm feeling the pain,
I held back tears as you walked away,
Knowing that I'll never see you again,
Now I watch the clock as time slips by,
As my life slowly terminates,
I don't want to live, but I'm afraid to die,
I guess I'm in the hands of fate.

Time stands still for no one in its forward roll,
And I'll never travel back to you,
And if I bear that in mind, maybe I can carry on,
Until my miserable life is through,
As I wrestle with the sorrow of a broken affair,
I'm sinking down into a lake of tears,
Struggling to break the surface, I can hardly breathe,
Each breath fills my lungs with fear.

As paranoia cackles its scorn at me,
And madness seeps through my veins,
I get the strangest feeling of ambiance,
Among the shadows driving me insane,
Memories crawl back just to break my heart,
Spilled visions of you steal my breath,
I want to curl up in a corner and fade away,
Into the welcoming arms of Death.
Published: 6/6/2012
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