The White Room (2)

An interactive story for readers.
You hide under the small bed. It's a dusty, tight and humid space, making it difficult for you to breathe.

The steel door opens and you can see a pair of legs entering the room. Gray polyester trousers. Black polished shoes. Their footsteps echo, as they walk towards your bed and pause, their leather shoes directly in your vision.

You hold in your breath.

"What on earth?"

A deep, masculine voice booms.

"Lindsey, come in here! Subject 202 is nowhere to be seen!"

Subject 202? You don't like the sound of that. Just then, a pair of shapely legs sprint into the room, her high heels clacking on the marbled white tiles.

"What? That's impossible!" The woman exclaims.

"We have to find the subject, or else Professor Macedonia will-"

"Yes, I know what the professor will do!"

"I thought you had sedated the subject?"

"I did! The drug must've worn off."

Your eyes widen in horror. Who are these people? Why did they drug you? Who is this professor they were so afraid of? What was the professor planning on doing to you?

Then a dust mite tickles your nose.

And you sneeze.

You open your eyes slowly, only to see two heads inches away from your face. The man looks annoyed and the woman seems shocked.

"There you are."

Busted! What do you do?
What do you do?
Run for your life. Escape.
Talk and reason with them.
Bust out your fighting skills.
Threaten to call the police .
Pretend you're crazy. Fool them.
Published: 1/29/2019
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