The White Room (3)

An interactive story for readers.
"What are you doing hiding under there!?"

The man's aggressive tone makes you flinch. However, you decide to use that fear to your advantage.

It's time to get crazy.

You scatter out from under the bed, and wrap your arms around the man's sturdy legs. His anger turns to surprise.

"What are you-!"

"Please save me from the banana monster!"

Your voice is merely a squeak. It hurts to even speak through the lump forming in your throat.

"The banana monster wants to eat me!"

The woman furrows her eyebrows in confusion.

"Uh... what is the banana monster?"

You point to the blank, white wall.

"He's standing right there! Don't look at him for too long... it'll make him angry!"

The woman scribbles down notes onto the clipboard in her hand, a look of concern across her pale features. The man is whispering to her, or at least attempting to. You hear the words, 'mental', 'hallucinating' and 'medication.' Your plan is working so far. Time to kick it up a notch.

Screaming at the top of your lungs, as if you're about to be murdered, you run in circles around the two strangers.

"He's chasing me! He's gonna get me!"

"Stop running! Calm down!"

"It's not listening!"

"Get the tranquilizer."

Seizing this opportunity, you dash towards the open door and out of the room. You hear the strangers yelling after you, instructing you to stop. Naturally, you ignore their commands.

Now, you're in the hallway. It's long, narrow and gray. Very dark and dreary - a complete contrast from the white room. In the distance, you can hear water dripping and doors creaking opening.

Hurried footsteps are following you, the floor squeaking with each step. You sneak a glance behind you. The woman is speaking through a walkie-talkie.

"Back up! Calling for immediate back up! Subject 202 has escaped from the White Room! It's heading towards Messiah Ward!"

Ahead of you, there is a border, resembling a railing with a sickly-green shower curtain. Recklessly, you run into that and knock it over.


Quickly, you pick yourself up and resume running. The border slows down your opponents for a brief moment, providing an obstacle for them.

You turn the corner and-

"Psst! Hey!"

A hand pokes out from the nearby air vent and waves at you. Then a face pokes out. It's a boy. He looks about your age. He has dirt smudged across his nose, his eyes blue and wide.

"Follow me! We'll leave this place together," he says.

What do you do?
What do you do?
Follow him through the vents!
Ignore him. Stranger danger.
Talk to him. Get to know him.
Tell him to follow YOU!
Beat him up. Rob him.
Published: 1/31/2019
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