The White Room (4)

An interactive story for readers.
Deciding to take a leap of faith, you follow the strange-looking boy inside of the air vent. You have to squeeze through the small space, which almost suffocates you. It is very noisy - even the littlest of movement is magnified. Unfortunately, you cannot see much. It is very dark and your view is solely restricted to the boy's butt in front of your face.

Together, you both crawl through the vent, venturing further into the darkness. It is getting hotter in here and your chest is squeezing up. You feel extremely uncomfortable, finding it harder to breathe by the passing seconds.

Something touches your face. Cobwebs. You whack them off. The boy pauses, but you hadn't noticed and your face comes into contact with his butt.

He gives you an odd look.

"Sorry," you squeak out.

Just then, a neon-green light pours in. Finally, you have reached an exit. Slowly and cautiously, the boy opens the vent and, one-by-one, you climb out. You have arrived in an area that suspiciously looks like a futuristic version of a laundry room. The washing machines - or that's what they resemble if they were lit up by a green glow - are glued to the center of the four walls, enclosing the environment.

"What is this place?"

"I don't know," the boy replies. "I have no idea why we're here, or what these people want to do to us. I think they wiped our memories clean."

"Why do you say that?"

"I can't remember anything about my life prior to waking up in the white room. Can you?"

You think for a moment. Your mind is blank.

"Do you even know your name?" He asks.

"Subject 202," you automatically say.

Then you shake your head. No. That's not right.

Your heart drops. How is it that you can't even remember your own name?

"I thought so," he murmurs. "There's no point being upset about it. Let's just find a way out of here."

"I thought you already knew!"

"No... that's why I need your help. Two heads are better than one... So, what's our plan of action?"
What do you do?
Ditch him. You wanna go solo.
Let him take the lead!
Look for clues and weapons.
Exit this room. Don't trust it.
Flirt with him. Spice it up.
Published: 2/2/2019
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