The Wind Whistled its Sad Song

A breakup.
Lost in a moment of profound thought,
Oblivious to all that went on around me,
I never even seen you walk out the door,
I never heard you whisper goodbye to me,
Then I found myself in an empty room,
Wondering where the hell you'd gone,
And I looked outside at the dark, teeming rain,
While the wind whistled its sad song.

A candle still flickered its light out yonder,
A speckle of hope slowly melting its wick,
As time ticked away at the twilight of a memory,
Trapped in the shadows that merged fast and thick,
Weaving a darkness into my life,
To blind me with the misery of days spent alone,
In a melancholy muse from an aging past,
While the wind whistled its sad song.

All that I had lies broken and betrayed,
There's so little left of value or worth,
The shards of a shattered heart lacerate,
They cut to the bone and slash at the nerves,
Leaving a wreck to navigate the storm,
Sailing forever away from the sun,
Riding the thunder of a funeral of a drum,
While the wind whistled its sad song.
Published: 10/20/2011
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