The Winner Takes It All

Live up to what you are meant to be. Gather strength from past experiences and move on in the right spirit. There is no time to wallow in self pity. You are always larger than the situation. Vous ĂȘtes un vainqueur!...
The lessons in life are varied and many,
They come in different color and hue,
Some rough, some steep, without any
Space to learn or move on and accrue.

Fortunate me...I touched every shade
And learned from every step and stone;
I melted a while and then rose and made
New breath within wide room for atone.

My experiences cover the reds and greens,
Violets, yellows, oranges and deep blues;
I swell as I view well-accomplished scenes,
And walk the walk, with glades to choose.

Some win, some lose along the way;
Some succumb and some live to tell;
I rise afresh to glorify each ray today,
And every moment with pride swell.

No running away, not for the love of me'
No turning around, I haven't learned that;
I learned to stand in gale and dare to see
The eye of the storm and enjoy the pat.

In the rise and ebb of life's emotional tide,
I sink only to stay afloat, buoyant like a ball;
I am and you are designed to win and guide,
It is true that the winner really takes it all!
By Gaynor Borade
Bouquets and Brickbats