The Wolf That Terrified Me - Final Chapter

The end.
I woke up the next morning in his arms. That was one of the best night’s sleep I have ever had. I looked up and saw Jack sound asleep with a content look on his face. I didn’t know what this meant about what was happening between us. Being in his arms didn’t help me think straight.

I got up and slowly as I could without waking him up. When I got up, I looked at him and saw him reaching for me. That made me smile.

I quietly got out of the room and went to mine. The lights were back on, so I could see in my bathroom. I took a shower even though I really wanted to keep his smell on me.

When I made it downstairs, he was already working in his office. I didn’t want to bother him. I spent the day finishing up homework and letting my mind wander to how he was with me last night. He was gentle and protective and I felt so safe in his arms. The sparks that I tried to ignore when his arms wrapped around me felt really nice too.

I got to see the gentle side, it was definitely overpowering the scary side even though I knew that side of him would come when it had to. He was an alpha and the strongest in the country so he had to be tough. But with me I wanted him to be the gentle alpha. The one that holds me when I need to feel safe and when I just want him to hold me. God, I sound like I’m already falling in love.

This went on for the next couple of weeks. Mark noticed the change in my behavior the moment he came back. He was definitely pleased and didn’t make any moves to hide it. He would try to ask me what changed. All I told him was that the Alpha showed me a side of him I didn’t think existed.

A month later, I was again alone in the house during a storm. A lot of people had taken off on vacation for a break. I lived only an hour away from home, so didn’t see the need to go home the entire break. Again I woke up sweating but the tears were a lot fiercer this time. The images that flashed through my head were horrific and made my entire body shake. I ran out of my room and looked at the Alpha's door but there was no light. Then I looked to the stairs and saw a light coming from the bottom. I ran down the stairs and saw that the light was coming from his office. The door was open so I peeked in. Jack was sitting at his desk looking over some papers. The lightning struck and thunder sounded bringing back the images of my nightmare.

Without realizing it, I ran into his office and luckily he saw me or I would have tackled him out of his chair. I clung to him for dear life and he pulled me to him.
"Another nightmare?" He asked.

I nodded into his shirt. I was surprised when he picked me up in bridal style in his arms. He then made his way up to his room where he put me down on the bed. He moved away and I panicked so I grabbed his hand. I thought he was leaving me. He realized my distress.

"Don’t worry," he gave me a gorgeous smile. "I’m just going to put on some pajamas. My work clothes aren’t very comfortable." That was when I basically checked him out. God, he was hot.

I let him go reluctantly.

While he was in the restroom, I thought about what I should do next. I know that he cares about and I know that I care about him. We don’t really have a solid relationship but I would love to have one.
When he came out, he looked at me.
"Jack?" He came to stand in front of me as I sat on the edge.
"Yes?" I looked up at him.

"I never thought I would say this but I feel really safe around you. Even that first night when I came to you, I thought that you were this terrifying person but I felt this need to come to you. I needed you. And again I needed you tonight. I am basically going to need you for the rest of my life seeing as you are the only one that can ever make me feel the way you do when you hold me. But I want to ask you to promise me something." I looked up to him seeing him take everything in. I could see happiness run across his eyes. He reached for my hands and held them.

"What the promise?" His gaze became heated. He knew that this would essentially lead to a relationship between us.

"If this is to work out." I stopped and looked at our joined hands. "I need you to promise me that the terrifying alpha will keep to pack business and the sweet caring loving alpha that I have gotten to see will be the one that you will only keep for me." I felt silly for asking this but it was what made sense to me. I wanted to know that he would try to keep the scary man I met the first day out of our relationship. I didn’t want to have to be afraid of him.

He didn’t say anything so I took this as a bad sign. I pulled my hands back only to have him reach for them again. I looked up to him and was surprised to see a mixture of emotions written on his face, happiness, and love.

He let go of one of my hands and brought it up to my cheek. His touch sent tingles down my body. He was smiling.

"Katherine, I want no I desperately need this to work because I desperately need you in my life. Even though we have just begun, I can say that I am feeling so many wonderful things for you. When you came to me that night, I couldn’t believe that you were in my arms. It felt like a dream. When I woke up the next morning and you were gone I thought it was a cruel dream but then I caught you scent on my bed right next to me. I knew that what happened was real. I was so happy that I could finally be with you without my temper. You running to me looking for comfort and feeling you relax and calm down made me so happy to know that I was the one who did it. Albeit I was the only one in the house you could go to but it still felt like a win. So yes I promise to keep the terrifying alpha to pack business and I will not be the alpha but your mate, your other half, the one destined to care for and love you for the rest of your life." I felt tears of joy falling from hearing him say that.

Surprising both of us, I leaped up and kissed him. When our bodies met I couldn’t believe all the sparks and tingles that I was feeling.

When I finally needed to breathe, I pulled back leaning my forehead on his.
Breathlessly, I said, "You better be in for the long haul because there isn’t anyone else out there in the world that was made for me." He smiled and we kissed again. I felt nightmare less than night and for every night thereafter.
Published: 6/29/2017
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