The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 1

Katherine is a university student studying to be a teacher. One day, she meets a man who will change her life forever. The only problem is that he isn't just a man. He's also a wolf.
He scared the crap out of me. It wasn’t that he was in actuality a really huge guy, it was his temper that terrified me and made him seem a lot bigger than he was. Being an alpha of course, he had to be menacing but it still didn’t help me in taking the information that one, I was a werewolf, and two, I was his mate. His beta was a lot nicer that him. We went to the same university and met in a class we had together. It was funny because he's the reason I am sitting in the alpha's office at their pack house just a few blocks over from the school.

The university was located in a heavily forested city. It was known for being lush in greenery for miles around. I grew up in the town next to it. It was a sight to drive in. At one point, we are driving through a populated city and then one can clearly tell where the borders of the two cities are. I was drawn to school because they had one of the best teaching credential programs and I had been lucky enough to be awarded an amazing financial aid package. I had gone through my freshman year making friends, working hard, going to class, and making memories. It wasn’t until the beginning of my fourth semester there that my life was completely flipped upside down.

On the first day of Psychology, I made sure to get to class early mainly so that if I got lost I would have time to find the right classroom. I sat in the middle row of the lecture hall somewhat close to the aisle. Students began flooding in and a guy took the seat next to mine.

"Are you here for psych with Thorn?" The guy next to me asked.
"Yeah, I am. I hope this is the right class."
"I haven’t been wrong in the two years I’ve been here so we should be okay. I’m Mark by the way." He extended his hand.
"Katherine." I responded and shook his hand.
"So what’s your major?"
"Liberal studies, I’m working on my teaching credential."
"So you want to teach small kids?"
"I want to teach elementary grades and I’m also getting a Math certification so I can teach up to 9 grade Math."
"Wow, I don’t think I would have the patience to teach. I’m working on my business degree. My family owns some companies that they would like me to take over one day but I want to get a degree to have the knowledge to do it."

"That’s smart. Then people will know that they can trust you and you will have credibility."
With that the professor went over the syllabus and began the lecture for the rest of class. When he let us go, Mark and I walked out together. We continued to talk about meaningless things when I heard an angry voice call his name.

Mark and I turned to see who it was. I wasn’t expecting a terrifyingly beautiful man to be coming our way. I let out a gasp and then his attention was drawn towards me. The man was a foot and a half taller than me with sun kissed skin. He had brown hair that looked like an organized mess on the top of his head. It looked soft with the way the sun was hitting it. I could see the muscles in his arms and he was definitely in shape. Then I looked at his eyes.
His eyes were a pair that would haunt me at night. They were a golden brown. They were beautiful yet they had this dark edge to them that added to his terrifying aura. He looked to calm down somewhat when he looked at me. When he reached us, he looked between us and then at Mark. It looked like they were having a conversation by just looking at each other.
I knew it was time to excuse myself because I felt like I was intruding.

"I’ll see you next class Mark." The man looked at me with hurt and anger flashing across his face. He looked menacing and powerful and yet he looked quite young. Possibly no older than 24 or 25. I turned and I walked away.
"Bye Katherine." Mark called to me. I turned my head back and the man was looking at Mark unhappily while he looked like he was trying to explain something.
Published: 11/10/2016
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