The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 2

"Are you okay?" I nodded. His voice hit me like a storm. It was gentle even though a shiver ran down my spine.
I lived in campus in the dorms so I decided to go back and get lunch. My roommate Natalie was lounging on her bed when I walked in. Natalie was a freshman and she loved that I was a sophomore, so I could help her figure things out. We had some of the same friends and hung out a lot. We went to parties together. We took turns drinking because one of us had to drive back unless one of our other friends was ok. I could say she was like my best friend. We were close. She knew my family and been to some family parties and I did the same with her family. They loved that I was taking care of her and making sure that she wasn’t getting into too much trouble. It wasn’t too hard because she was a good kid.

"Hey Nat, you hungry? I’m starving."
"Yup, I was just waiting for you to come back. The gang is meeting us there for lunch."
Lunch was awesome. I got to catch up with friends after winter break and just relax. The only problem was that I couldn’t stop thinking about that guy. Even though he completely terrified me there was just something I couldn’t figure out.

After lunch, I hung out a little more with them in the quad and then Nat and I headed back to our room. We both had a class at the same so we walked together and went our own ways. My class ended around four but I spent a few hours at the student union working on some things that I had to do for some of the clubs I was in. When I had finished, it was dark outside. Campus was pretty empty. I made my way back to the dorms but I got the sense that I was being followed. When I looked back there was a man from what I could tell wearing a hood. I turned back to walk faster when I saw another man wearing a hood walking in my direction. There was no one around, and the man in front was in the way of getting to one of those emergency phones just in case they tried anything. I looked, they were both getting very close. I had stopped walking. I looked across the street and realized that I was stuck. I wouldn’t be able to outrun them.

I thought all hope was lost when I saw a figure running up to us. I couldn’t tell if I knew them but I felt this pull to them. Then when he passed under a streetlight I saw who it was. He was the terrifyingly beautiful man from earlier and he looked extremely pissed off. The two guys saw him and the one closest to him tried to hit him but he dodged and gave him a swift kick to the stomach. He fell to the floor.

Mystery man then looked at me and the guy behind me who looked like debating whether to fight him or not. I was so scared, I was trembling. The hooded man took off running in the opposite direction. When he was out of sight, mystery man turned to look at me.

He still looked crazy upset and I backed up trying to put more space between. I know that he just saved me but he still scared me. It seemed that me moving away from him made him even angrier.

"Are you okay?" I nodded. His voice hit me like a storm. It was gentle even though a shiver ran down my spine.

He looked somewhat relieved but then he noticed I was still shaking. I started to think about what could have happened had he not shown up. What those men could have done to me. It was too much and I blacked out.
Published: 11/10/2016
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