The Wolf That Terrified Me - Part 3

"Alpha, she’s afraid, you need to calm down."
When I woke up, I was lying on a couch in what looked like an office. I looked around, I saw mystery man sitting behind the desk. I guess he hadn’t noticed that I woke up. I looked around for my bag but I couldn’t find it. When I stood up, my shin bumped the coffee table and my eyes shot up to find his looking straight at me. I was again affected by those eyes that held so much and gave nothing away. I instinctively took a step back again. I didn’t know where I was and why I was here. Who knew what he was going to do to me?

With that the door opened and in walked Mark and thus begun my confusion as to how I was a werewolf and that the mystery man was my mate. Apparently someone in my family was a werewolf but the gene got suppressed along the way. Werewolves could only mate with other werewolves so that was their only conclusion. Mark was also a werewolf and the alpha or Jack’s beta.

"But how does one know who their mate is," I spoke quietly too afraid to speak. I didn’t look at the alpha.

Mark looked at me and explained that you will feel it in your soul. Usually it happens when you look at each other or in a werewolf’s case smell. A mate’s scent calls to their other half and it affects them only. No one else other than your mate can experience it. The alpha stood and I made a move to back up closer to Mark. The Alpha growled and Mark moved away from me. I looked at Mark pleading him to help me.

"Alpha, she’s afraid, you need to calm down."

"SHE IS MINE. WHY SHOULD I?" I took another step back until my back hit the door. I grabbed onto the doorknob hoping to escape. I could feel the tears I cry when I get scared beginning to accumulate and getting ready to fall.

"Please, let me go. I didn’t do anything to you. Please just let me go. I want to go home."
The tears fell and the alpha looked like he calmed down some but not by much. He looked worried but still angry. I needed to get out of here. I turned the knob and moved to open the door a bit when a hand came and slammed it shut. I looked up and he was there. His eyes were pitch black and he was breathing heavily. I sunk to the floor as I looked at him. He was going to hurt me.

"Please don’t hurt me. I’m sorry." I started to cry and I wrapped around my body trying to find some protection security in them.
Mark came and stood between me and Jack.

"Alpha." He didn’t stop looking at me. "She is terrified." He looked up at Mark and then down at me. "She’s scared of you. You need to back off and let me take her home. She didn’t grow up like we did. She doesn’t know about werewolves or mates. Give her time. She needs to leave. Look at her." I was still crying.

"FINE, take her." He turned and went to lean over his desk. He was breathing very hard and he was gripping the desk pretty hard.
Mark came over and helped me up. He led me out past curious people. They gave me sympathetic looks. He must act like this a lot.
We went outside and he led to me to a black car.
"Where do you live?"
"In the dorms on campus."

"I’m sorry about his behavior, he has a temper. He’s known as the strongest alpha in America and it helps him keep that title. But it’s still no excuse to act that way towards his mate. I’m sorry."
"He saved me earlier yet I can’t get passed the fact that I am terrified by him. His whole persona screams be afraid."

"He really is going to need to practice controlling his temper if he wants a relationship with you. That is if you want anything to do with him after that."

I didn’t really know what to think about all this. I was still wrapping head around the whole mate thing and now I didn’t know if I could go back to him when I was so scared.
"It’s a lot for me to think about. I don’t think I could go back anytime soon without knowing how he is going to act. I just don’t know right now. I just started another semester and now this. It’s just too much at the same."

We got back to campus pretty fast which meant that they didn’t live far about a 15 minute drive. He stopped in the parking lot right in front of the doors. I opened my door and closed it without saying goodbye. I needed to get to my dorm.

I heard a car door open and close. I heard someone walking behind and was surprised to see Mark walking up to me.
"I can walk by myself."

"Boss’s orders. He said to make sure you got back to your dorm safe."
When we got to my building, I thanked him and then I made my way inside. He left me there and I walked as fast as I could to my room. Natalie was awake but she was unfazed by my late return. I did it a lot and she only worried when I didn’t get back before 2 in the morning.

As I got ready for bed, my thoughts kept drifting back to Jack and his eyes. He had seen a lot in his young age from what little he gave away I could see. He was beautiful and strong and handsome and so many other words I could use to describe him. But most of all, he was terrifying with all the power that he held in him. I went to sleep thinking about him.
Published: 11/12/2016
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