The World Within

The power of man where he conjures a world within another...
Two diversified dots growing independently,
In their ecosystems,
Each unaware of the reciprocal relationship,
That was to emerge.
Each witnessing life as it came,
Learning and growing,
Discovering and learning more...

A small world where the two dots lived,
In the vicinity of each other,
Yet too far from the other.
Unaware of what destiny had to propose,
Of the perfect design that was intended,
The plan that would bring them together.

And create a co-relation,
Extremely crucial for their survival.

And the day came,
When, after a lot of upheaval,
And a lot of stringing and unwinding,
The two confronted.

None knew what was to occur,
None apprehensive,
Each one drawn to the other,
With an unknown force.

Something kept them bound,
Day after day, week after week,
Each passing moment made the bond,
Even stronger and stronger.

The hearts did beat,
With each step and every thought,
For them the world was only,
The two of them.

Alongside, the ecosystem transformed,
Just as they too altered unknowingly,
Meanwhile, the world around them,
Had also caught pace, apparently.
By Dr. Maisie M
Published: 6/14/2012
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