The Zombies Attack Chapters 9-10 or Last Chapters

The end to zambies attack.
Chapter 9

Zach (codys demon side) comes in he said in a darkly voice "let them go" jacksin lets austin go and charges at zach. They battle it out. "zach take this" I through him the sword of death. he takes it and he stabs jacksin in the heart. I fall to the ground at the same time as jacksin. Jacksin said "u should have known if I die u die too" I weakly laugh and say "i did know jacksin. but I didn't tell them and that is y I said ur future 4 I am not in it" then jacksin turned to dust but I don't I just close my eyes. Austin cry and drops down next to me cody back to himself said "I didn't know she would die Austin" he looks up at cody "that's cuz she never told u she knew u wouldn't kill him if u knew" Z comes up and said "she not dead just in a deep sleep waiting 4 the day when Austin finds his inner angel or else she would have turned to dust"

Cody said "how do u know that?" she walk to Austin and look at him "she sent me a mind message when jacksin had Austin she knew the whole time what would happen and knew that it had to happen. but since jacksin doesn't love and his heart is black there's nothing holding him here" she puts a hand on Austin shoulder "but mirina has something here to hold on for" then she grab cody and Brandon and abbys and walks away with them nut b4 she walks out she says "Austin u have the power to bring her back"

Chapter 10
Austin leans over me and puts his hands out over my heart and head and thinks about life back in me his hands glow and I takes a breath.

"Austin?" I say
"Yes its me" he said crying happy tears
"I love u" I said and that made more tears come to his face. "I love u 2" then he kisses me. I get up now same height and I said "Austin look u have angels wings" he looks in the mirror eyes wide open "ur right I do. did u know this would happen" I smile and climb the stairs on the roof I said "yes but I didn't know when. and I didn't tell z u had the power to save me. She figure that out on her own" he grabs my hand "is she right about u having something to hold u here unlike..." I put a hand on his mouth "don't say his name that's bad. and yes I had to make sure u got ur wings first b4 I go" there's shoke in his eyes "what do u mean go" I walk to the edge still holding his hand "I mean it wasn't my time now that's that is done I can die and I'm not staying here I have something else I must do but alone" he hugs me "what about us?" I kiss him then I say "you'll always be in my heart and u have ppl to save with ur new power. I'll see u again when our paths cross once more in the future. come on let's go find our friends" we jump off the roof and fly.

When we got to our friends I told them all what I could. "cody u have to go on a power mission to improver ur power. Ur going to need to for the next battle." I hand him his mission on paper "Austin with ur power u can heal and save a lot of ppl. But u need to know how that's y ur going here" I hand him his mission stuff "as for me I have my own thing to do. but don't worrie our paths will cross in about a year or so from now." we all gave hugs to each other "now that everybody save. I'm out of here" I open my wings and fly off.

After math everything goes good 4 about a year. then the same day we saved everything goes bad.

Stay tuned for clone attack to find out what goes wrong.
Published: 11/4/2010
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