Their Lies Cannot Be Trusted Anymore

A choice between faith and true love.
As I look beyond the tears into your feelings,
The sadness in your heart, I comprehend,
As you stand upon the crossroads of decision,
The choice is yours to make, my solemn friend.

The smile that parts your lips is almost visible,
What secret could said lips seek to relay?
Has your heart made up the mind of your dilemma?
Shall we run into the night or will you stay?

I cannot be comforted by their rigmarole,
The love they chant is doubtful at its best,
It steals the freedom from my soul and mocks my spirit,
I feel it's time for me to lay their love to rest.

I hold out my hand and ask that you will join me,
In my quest to prove that love is not a sin,
The barrier between us may be crumbling,
But we mustn't let them build it up again.

Listen to your heart and seek its wisdom,
It bears a promise that is meant for you alone,
The promise to protect you in your instinct,
And to bring the truest love you'll ever know.

Come, let's break the shackles of security,
Let us free the love we crave upon the world,
The rigmarole of ritual, we can leave behind,
Let them press their teachings on the gullible.

Fear not their reprisals, they can't harm us,
If our hearts are strong then we shall overcome,
Their action may seek to pain our darkest thoughts,
But we can drive them back with the will of love alone.

And so, that said and done, will you forgive me?
I never meant the choice to be so hard to find,
No matter what you choose, you will always be with me,
For in my heart, a part of yours will reside.

I know their lies of me may cause you indecision,
That their prejudice is negative, is assured,
My arrogance, they say, comes from the Devil,
But may I ask, "Is that the man you've come to know?"

I make no promises to you except to love you,
And I ask you for no favors in return,
And if your choice should favor them over my love,
Then I shall leave alone never to return.

But if you should choose me above their credence,
In defiance of what held you in its stead,
Should you chose to break the shackles and come with me,
Then the freedom of our spirit lies ahead.

They may seek to bring you back within their confines,
And plagiarize the feelings from your heart,
But I shall fight their thieving blasphemy for your honor,
For your freedom is supreme in my own heart.

No constraints shall mark a boundary to our freedom,
As we sail through the cosmic realm of time,
And no love will be too strong for us to cherish,
For the truest love may never be confined.

And should they perhaps, one day, catch upon us,
To roar the falsehood of their battle cry,
I will stand before their many accusations,
To defend your heart from their callous lies.

And if they should sink the ship that we sail on,
We can float upon the many dreams we share,
Don't let them burn your dignity with promise,
Their lies cannot be trusted anymore.
Published: 4/18/2013
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