There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You - Chapter 3

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Alex’s POV

I sit alone on one of the cafeteria tables when I hear the ‘A’ girls talking about Aden. This should be good, I think.

"Have you seen the new guy?" Clarissa asks Melly.

"Yeah, he’s dreamy," Melly replies with a sigh.

"I’m going to ask that gorgeousness out after school," says Summer. Man they are such hypocrites. They went to the same middle school as us and thought Aden was a creep. He even liked her and she rejected him, and laughed in a mean way as if saying 'You? Please, you’re not worth my time.'

"Do it now," both Melly and Clarissa say. They laugh like idiots and I just roll my eyes.
Summer actually nods and goes up to Aden.

"Hey, you’re new, aren’t you?" She says with a flirtatious smile. I'm fuming, but I just sit there waiting for his response.

"You should know me Summer," he says kind of pissed.

"How do you-?" She asks shocked. I hold in my laughter, but just barely at the look she has on her face.

"You don’t recognize me, do you? Not without the puppy love face, right?" He says smirking a little. Then he puts on the same face that he used to put in 8th grade when she passed by.

"Aden?" I hear her gasp out.
"The one and only," he says.

"I’m so sorry about what I did to you in 8th-" She begins, but he cuts her off.

"No, you’re not. You’re just saying that because now you’re the one who likes me. Well, Karma is a bitch," he says and laughs just the way she did. She walks away with her head down, the rejection going through her. I chuckle in spite of myself, and she turns. Her eyes are filled with a dark emotion; hunger for someone to blame. I look away and see something worse; Aden’s walking toward me.


Aden’s POV

As soon as she sees me coming, she stands up. This is really getting annoying, I think. I jog a bit to catch up to her.

"Alexis, please turn around." I say to her back again and again but then I remember; she hates that name.

"Alex, please." I say softly. She freezes and turns towards me.

"Never call me that again. You lost that right when you left." Her eyes are watery. She always tries so hard not to cry. That familiar feeling comes back; I want her to be safe in my arms and I never want to let go. One tear escapes and I carefully wipe it away with my thumb. She flinches at the touch.

"Don’t touch me ever again or I will tell," she says harshly and walks away.
"I’m sorry," I whisper inaudibly to her retreating figure.



Stupid scars, I think to myself. They are always itching but I can’t scratch. I don’t see Alex coming up behind me.

"What do you have on your forehead Mr. Mysterious?" She asks.
"Nothing that concerns you," I reply.
"Fine, don’t tell me," she says furious at me and turns around.
"Fine, but you can’t tell anyone. Promise?"
"Promise." I hear her say and I lift up my hair.
"How did that happen?"
"My dad got pissed and smashed his guitar on the floor and pieces went to my forehead."
"Oh, I’m sorry. What did your dad do after?"

"He couldn’t forgive himself even after I told him it was alright. He started drinking and jumped off a building because he was drunk," I say, not looking at her.

"I won’t tell. You keep my secret safe, so will keep yours too," she whispers. That same feeling came over me. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t.
Published: 5/3/2013
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