There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You - Chapter 4

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Alex’s POV

I walk to class, the scene in the hallway replaying over and over in my head. When he touched me a spark went through me. It didn’t burn, it felt right. I turn and get slammed to the lockers.

"What th-"
"Look bitch, Aden may have been you’re best friend back in grade school, but he’s mine now," I heard Summer say.

"No, you had your chance back then. Now he looks good to you, might I add, you want him. You can’t have him because you don’t know him. I do, and Aden is the most amazing guy ever," I say leaving. I turn my head over my shoulder and add, "One more thing, he’s mine."

Wait what did I just say?


Aden’s POV

My mind is fighting over control. Outside I look fine, but in the inside there is a war going on. I hear Alex’s voice from the hallway.

"-and Aden is the most amazing guy ever." I try to hide my excitement. Then my eyes widen when she adds, "One more thing, he’s mine." I walk into room 431 looking like an idiot with the biggest smile on my face.


Alex’s POV

"I don’t know where that came from," I mutter to myself as I walk into room 431.
"Thank you for joining us, Ms. Rouge." Mrs. Roger says to me. I quickly look down, my cheeks instantly turning red. I hear the girls’ giggles as I take my seat. I look at my partner and my eyes widen in shock. I look right into Aden’s eyes and he instantly soften.

"Hey," he whispers. I turn to the board ignoring him as he attempts to get my attention. The rest of the period is like this. I’m relieved when the bell rings and I quickly grab my things. In my rush, I slam into someone and almost lose my balance.

"Are you okay there?" A deep, husky voice asks.
"Yeah. I’m sorry," I say and look up into Josh Dominguez’s blue eyes. When Aden left, Josh helped me deal with the pain. I blush when I notice that his hands are still on my waist. I reach and cover his hands with mine and remove them.

"Thanks," I say and turn to walk away.
"Hold up, Alexis," he says, "I wanted to ask you something."
"Yeah?" I say, my heart hammering against my chest, at the idea of him asking me out comes to mind.
"Will you go out with me?"
"Yes. When?"
"Tonight. I’ll pick you up at 8:30. Is that alright?"
"Sure. I’ll be waiting," I smile and wave goodbye.

As I get into my mom’s old Honda, I think about what Josh knows about me and this thought scares me; nothing.


Aden’s POV

When I see her talking to that guy, a feeling I have never felt goes through me. She blushes and I know what she said in the hallway was a lie. I walk away with my head down, the rejection flowing through me.


Author’s Note

Sorry for the wait. Thanks to Anne who is the only one to post comments constantly.
Published: 5/22/2013
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