There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You - Chapter 5

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Alex's POV

As I enter the house, I see that no one is home. Typical. 'At least she won't bother me,' I mutter.
I try not to think of Aden, but it's not possible. I remember the last time we hung out. He was sad, but he didn't say anything; I didn't ask either. I drop my backpack and lie down on my bed. I start to fall asleep; the last thought going through my mind was of Aden.

I wake up and see my clock. Shit, it's seven and I'm not even ready. I jump up and get my clothes out of my closet. I decide to go with deep blue v-neck blouse, my white skirt with a black bow, and my black flats. I run to the restroom and take a quickest shower ever. I put on my clothes and start to blow-dry my hair straight. I put the last touches on my makeup and glance at the clock; 8:13. Yes! I made it in time. I look myself in the mirror and a different girl's starring back at me; I'm way too excited. I hear the doorbell ring and I run downstairs and open the door. My eyes widen when I see Josh. He's wearing a black dress shirt, dark blue jeans, and his hair messy as always. He looks me over as well, and says," Ready?"

"Not even close. Let's go," I reply with a smile. He leads me to his car and opens the passenger door for me. I smile and nervously sit and buckle my seat belt. He gets in and says, "You look beautiful tonight."
"Just tonight?" I pretend to be hurt and pout my lips.
He chuckles and says, "Like always."
"Where are you taking me?" I ask.
"Somewhere special," he says and seeing my frown he adds, "You'll like it."
"If you say so."

The rest of the car ride is silent and I look out of the window nervously. I zone out for a couple of minutes when I here Josh.
"We're here," he says. I unbuckle my seat belt and I start to open the door, but he beats me to it and offers a hand. I take it and make the mistake of looking up. I take one look at his eyes and I start blushing, so I look away. He doesn't let go of my hand as he leads me to the restaurant. It's nothing fancy, but I like it. The hostess smiles too kindly at Josh as she says, "Welcome to Claire's."

"A table for two please," Josh says politely.
"Right this way," she says and leads us to a table and gives us the menu. Josh pulls out a chair for me and I sit.


After finishing our dinner we take a walk outside.
"I've always wanted to come here," I say.
"Why haven't you then?" He asks.
"I can't, I'm always busy." Yeah cleaning after my mom and taking care of her hangovers.
"Oh, well, you'll have to make time from now on."
"And why is that?" I ask raising my eyebrow.
"If you're going to be my girlfriend-" He smirks when I start to say something.
"Look Mister, it's been one date. How are you so sure I'll accept?"
"Oh that's simple, I'll just do this." He grabs my waist bringing me close to him and kisses me. I'm shocked for one second before I give in. I kiss him with a passion I didn't know existed. He breaks the kiss and says, "See, easy."


"Thanks for the diner Josh," I say.
"Thanks for accompanying me," he says and kisses me softly.
I wave goodbye and enter my house. A stench liquor overwhelms me. It suddenly gets worse. My mother is now directly in front of me; what I see is terrifying.
"Where were you young lady?" She yells.
"And you care because...?" I ask.
"Answer question girl!!" Ouch. I went from young lady to girl.
"I went on a fucking date. HAPPY!?!" I yell and storm off to my room before she can say anything. She grabs my arm just to say, "Who would go on a date with an ugly thing like you?"
"Lots of guys, but I say no 'cuz I have to take care of a bitch!" I spit in her face.
"Never disrespect me like that you little slut!" She yells before hitting me with something I cannot see. The pain is too much. I pass out.

I wake up at twelve-thirteen in the morning. My mother has passed out on the couch, so I walk out the door, into darkness.
Published: 7/5/2013
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