There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You - Chapter 6

Friends again. I found a better pic of Aden.
Aden's POV

I lay awake in my bed thinking of Alex. I glance at the clock, twelve in the morning. I get up quickly and walk quietly down the stairs and head for the door. When I can't sleep I go outside and gaze at the stars. Yeah, weird for a guy to do that, but whatever. I close the door and sit on the porch stairs. Alex... Damn, out here too? Stupid mind. Ever since I left, she is all I can think about. My mom says I'm in love. I shake my head, pushing all these crazy thoughts aside. I look at the sky and silently ask- "What do I do?"


Alex's POV

I wake up sprawled on the floor. My body aches from the resent damage, but I manage to get up. My mother is passed out on the couch and I see her shiver. I sigh and grab a blanket from the laundry room and cover her. You're probably wondering how I can possibly do this after what she did to me. It's simple; she's still my mom and I remember when she used to take care of me. She gave me life and I'm grateful for it; even if it's fucked up. I walk to the door and walk outside. I let my feet guide me. I look up at the stars, the moon, the sky. I think of all the possibilities of how my life will end up. I think about Josh and our kiss. I remember the calm, soothing feeling it had on me. Then I hear a voice saying my name. I'm about to scream when the voice says, "Don't scream; it's just Aden." Aden, why did you lead me to Aden? I ask my feet. Yup, I'm going insane. I see that he's sitting on, most likely his house, porch stairs.

"Why are you outside right now?" We both say. I can't help but giggle because despite having not seen each other so long, we still have the habit of speaking at the same time. Then I feel the anger and pain.
"Why do you care?" I say icily.
"Last time I checked I was the only one who did," he replies just as icily.
"Yeah, well, you left and that broke my heart. Maybe you just pretended." This made him angry. He stands and takes two steps toward me.
"Pretend? Why would I pretend?" He says raising his voice.
"I don't know. Maybe you wanted something," I say taking two steps toward him as well.

"What!?! You don't even know why I left!" He says, his voice breaking.
"Oh, enlighten me then. Why did you leave?" I ask.
"Remember when I told you my grandma had cancer?" He speaks softly. I take all the courage in me and walk to him leaving only a foot between us. Now I notice that he grew taller when he was gone; he was now 6'2" and was towering over my 5'8" figure.
"Yeah," I whisper back, knowing what his response will be.
"My mom wanted us to spend her last days with her. I miss her," his voice, barely a whisper as he turns away to hide his tears.
"No, look at me Aden." I say and put a hand on his cheek to turn his face toward mine.

When I look into his green eyes, they're full of pain, grief, sorrow; my heart clenches. We stay like this for a while; our eyes saying more than our words can.
"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask.
"Because it was that day that it got worse with your mother," he says the word like it burns his tongue.

"I didn't want to hurt you, but know it was a mistake. I'm sorry," he says.
I feel like an idiot, so it's my turn to look away.
"I should be the one apologizing for the way I acted today," I say. He puts one finger on my chin and lifts my face so he can look at my eyes.
"Although you have nothing to apologize for, I know if I don't say this it will hurt you; I forgive you," he replies and smiles. He opens his arms and says, "Friends?" I throw my arms around him and feel his wrap around me. I flinch slightly, and that's all it takes for him to know. I look up and see anger in his eyes, that's so intense, it scares me.

"Can you walk me home?" I ask.
"Sure," is all he says when he moves his arm around my waist. I sigh and rest my head against his chest, feeling safe and at home in his arms again.


Aden's POV

Having her in my arms again make me whole again. It makes me happy to know that she's safe again. I hear her sigh, and I know she feels the same. We reach her house and I say, "Be ready by 7:15 so that I can pick you up and take you to school."
"You have a car?" She asks surprised.
"Yeah. It's a '67 Mustang." I reply chuckling when her eyes go wide.
"You'd always said you'd get one. I can't wait," she smiles and continues, "Goodnight Aden."
"Goodnight Alex," I smile and she turns to get in her house. She turns suddenly and comes running toward me. She throws her arms around my neck and kisses my cheek. I freeze for a second when she whispers in my ear, "I've missed you."
I kiss her cheek back and whisper back, "Me too."
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Published: 7/6/2013
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