There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You - Chapter 7

Alex and Aden's friendship progresses; Judith, Alex's mom thinks about things.
Alex's POV

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Time to get up. I turn off the alarm and get up to stretch. Man, I haven't had a good night's sleep in ages. I guess, I'm happy about yesterday. I hum a silly tune as I walk to the restroom. No way! I'm humming. I hope, I don't start singing. I laugh out loud and let the hot shower relax me. I put on my faded low-rise skinny jeans, a maroon long-sleeved v-neck blouse, and my white converse high-tops. I curl my hair and put on only some lip-gloss and eyeliner. I look myself in the mirror and nod satisfied. I walk downstairs quietly. I see that my mom's still in the couch the way I left her. I start some coffee in the coffee maker and leave her a note. I sigh as a memory flashes through my mind.



"Mommy, I'm scared," I whisper as I walk into the zoo for the first time. It is five at that time and I don't know how fun the zoo is yet.
"There's nothing to be afraid of, honey. You'll get to see your favorite animal real close," she says kindly. I shake my head and she offers to take my hand. I take it and hold it tight. I see my dad approach us; he kisses my mom's cheek and then kneels in front of me.
"You want some cotton candy?" He asks. I nod and smile as he gives me a pink puff on a stick. I bite it and love the way it melts in my mouth.
"Thank you daddy," I say and hug him. He hugs me back and puts me on his shoulders.
"Now let's go see the giraffes." I smile thinking I'm the luckiest little girl in the world.

I snap out of the memory and I realize there are tears on my cheeks; I wipe them away. It's Mom's fault he left that day; Mom's fault he died. No, that's not true. She did something terrible, yes, but she didn't know that there was a drunk driver. She didn't know, and it's not her fault. I shake my head and see Aden's car stopping in front of my house. I try not to gasp at the beauty in front of me. This car is a beauty, and the driver is…. gorgeous.

Aden is wearing black jeans and a long-sleeved white shirt. He opens the passenger door for me. I smile and I get in.
"Stupid seat belt," I mutter when I hear his door close.
"Let me help you with that," Aden says. He reaches for the seat belt and brushes his hand across my arm. Through my sleeve, I can feel his warmth. His face pauses inches away from mine.
"Hey," he whispers. I breathe at the same time and his breath is the sweetest thing I've ever tasted. I look into his beautiful green eyes for what feels like eternity. Click. I know the seat belt's in, but he lingers before moving his face away.


Aden's POV

"Hi," she replies and laughs shakily. With the tension between us, it's hard to talk. I break the silence.
"So, was there another guy," I say teasingly, but hiding away my interest. She blushes and I know it's a yes.
"Who's the lucky guy? When did it happen? Is he nice, 'cause I could do something about that," I say trying to keep the jealousy of my voice.
"Aden!" She yells and slaps my arm playfully.
"What?" I say making the puppy eyes I know she can't resist.
"Keep your eyes on the road!" I laugh seeing her worried and squirming in her seat.

"If you tell me who the guy is."
"Fine!" I hear her yell and I smirk.
"You can be annoying sometimes," she mutters crossing her arms on her chest.
"You love me anyway," I reply.
"Yes, but please don't scare me like that." I look at her from the corner of me eye. She smiles and it's beautiful.
"So, who's the guy?" I question.
"His name is Josh Dominguez. He helped me when you left," she says and blushes, most likely remembering something.
"Is he the guy you bumped into yesterday, right?" I ask, nervously.
"Yeah, you know him?"
"I'm not sure, but he looks familiar," I sigh. I shouldn't ask this, but I have to.
"Does he know, Alex?"
"Know about…. No. He doesn't," she says quietly.
"You have to tell him," I whisper.
"I know," she replies softly.
"Well, let's not worry about that. What we need is a donut," I say. She smiles, and I know I did well.


"Mmmm, this is so good," she says with her mouth full.
"You haven't eaten a donut since I left, ha," I ask.
"No one to share it with," she replies and smiles sadly.
"Well now there is," I smile and reach for her hand. She doesn't flinch away, but holds on tight.
"We better get to school," she says as she finishes her last bite.


Judith's POV

I wake up in the couch with a blanket over me. I don't remember getting a blanket. I glance at the clock. 8:23. Oh no! I'm going to be late for work again. This can't be happening. Well yes, it can. I get up quickly to make some coffee and see the note Alexis left.

Dear Mom,
Aden picked me up early. I left some coffee made for you. The aspirin bottle is on top of the fridge. Please take care of yourself. I'll be back late,


Aden? Who is this Aden? She'll here about this later. I sigh and shake the images away. How can she still love me after everything I have done to her? I don't like hitting her. I hate it, but I don't know how to stop without getting her taken away from me. She's the only thing I have left. I need to bring myself back, for my daughter. I need to see a psychologist. Soon.


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@Mar: I'll try to! Thanks for liking my story. Please continue reading.

@Shiny: I know. Aden was actually inspired by my best friend.

@Em: Thanks for loving it! I wanted this story to be different and it worked! She forgives him easily 'cause she missed the only person she thought cared.

@Anne: Thank you for commenting on everything! This one's for you!
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Published: 7/9/2013
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