There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You - Chapter 9

There's a twist in the chapter!
Alex's POV

I'm glad I was the one to find Karen. She's really cool and we have a lot of things in common. In these last few days, everything has been fun. As I walk out the front door, I notice that mom's car is actually parked right. Something's different; I'll figure it out later. I see Aden's car coming up on our street and run to the curb.

"Hey," I say.
"Good morning to you to," he says, smiling. I just roll my eyes.
"Do you mind sitting in the back?" He asks.
"Why?" I reply.
"I'm going to pick up Karen. She lives a couple of blocks from here," he says in a cool tone.
"I don't mind," I say, disappointed. He should have picked her up first. I always sit up front.
"It's just for today. I'm new at this whole chauffeur thing," he says jokingly.
"Whatever," I say to the window and cross my arms.
"Don't make me stop this car and tickle you," he says sternly.
"You wouldn't." Next thing I know, he pulls to the curb.

"I warned you," he says before turning around and tickling me. Not again! I laugh hysterically and I don't notice that he moved to the back. I look up and see that our faces are so close, our noses almost touch. He stops and leaves his hands on my waist. I start to blush when I feel his breath on my face. For once in my life I know what's going to happen. Our lips touch tentatively at first, but we add more pressure as none of us back away. He kisses me passionately and I'm surprised by the hunger in it. I soon realize what I'm doing; I push him away. I look into his eyes and they're full of pain and rejection.

"I'm sorry." Is all I can say.
When we get to Karen's house, the car is full of awkward silence. This is seriously getting annoying.
"So, Karen. Seen any guy you like around?" I ask her. She blushes and I didn't think she would answer, but she did.
"Only one," she says, her eyes shining.
"Who is it?" I ask her. She just shakes her head.
"Oh, come on! Spill it!" I question.
"I'll tell you later!" She whispers.
"You better," I say.
"What about you, Aden. Seen any girl that you might like?" Karen asks him.
"Yeah, but she's taken," he says and looks at me through the rearview mirror. I look away and blush lightly. Why does he make me feel this way?

I walk to second period when I hear someone calling my name. I turn around and see Karen.
"Hey, now will you tell me?" I say.
"Hey to you too. Well… will you promise me not to get mad?" She asks me nervously.
"Why would I get mad at you?" I say confused.
"Because I like Aden," she whispers. When she says his name, I feel like punching something. It takes everything I got to not do that.
"That's fine. I don't mind at all. I'm with Josh, remember?" I say through my teeth.
"Really? Thank you so much!" She says and throws her arms around me for a hug. I hug her back stiffly.
"Now let's get to class."


Karen's POV

When I say goodbye to Alex, I'm relieved. I thought she liked Aden and would blow a fuse when I told her that I liked him. Too busy in my thoughts I didn't notice a guy in front of me.

"Whoa!" He says and he steadies me.
"I'm sorry," I say and look up to see the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. Just looking into his eyes makes my heart go on overdrive. Who is this guy?
"Thanks…" I say.
"Josh. And you are?" He asks me.
"Karen. Do you know Alex?" I ask him, hoping he doesn't.
"She's my girlfriend," he says and his eyes seem to lose a little shine.
"Oh. Well, she's my friend, so I have to go," I say and get out of his arms. I feel empty without them, but he's with Alex. I would never do that to her, even if I just met her.


Josh's POV

Who is this girl? I just met her and it feels like I've known her for ages. Karen gives me this awesome feeling that not even Alex can make me feel. What is happening to me?


Judith's POV

Well, today's the day. I hope this shrink can help me.

"Hello, are you Mrs. Rouges?" The attendant asks me.
"Yes," I reply.
"Ms. Heathers is waiting for you in her office," she says and points to a door. I walk slowly to it and breath in. I open the door and see a lady about the same age as me sitting in a red recliner.
"Hello, Mrs. Rouges. I'm Mr. Heathers, but you can call me Susan if you'd like," she says.
"I'm Judith Rouges," I say and stand by a couch.
"You can sit if you'd like," Susan says.
"Sorry, this is my first day, so I don't know what to do," I say and sit nervously.
"It's okay to be nervous. Now Judith, tell me anything you'd like," she says.
"I need help to stop being a bad mother," I whisper.
"So, tell me. What do you need help in?" She asks. And I start to tell her everything.


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@Shiny: Not really. She'll actually help her. And the thing with Judith will be revealed soon.

@Anne: Thanks! I'm so sorry about that!

@Dazzle: Thanks so much! I hope you like this one.

@Truth: I know, nut let's give Alex a happy ending, no?


Author's Note

I'm so sorry it's late! Sorry a billion times. Soon though, I'll be posting constantly. Please comment!
Published: 8/6/2013
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