There Is No Girl As Beautiful As You - Prologue

Alexis Rouges is a girl who is very different from everyone around her. She has a dirty secret that no one knows, well except her best childhood friend Aden. But he moved when they graduated middle school and hasn't seen him since. Now she is a Junior in high school and is about to get the surprise of her life. Pic is of Alexis.

"Hey," I say to the boy sitting next to me.
"Hey, are you Alexis?" He asks.
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
"Your name is on the desk," he says smirking.
"Don't make fun of me, ugh," I say and look at his side of the desk, "Aden."
"Sorry," he says apologetically.
"It's alright. It was funny," I say. My first day of sixth grade is awesome! I've already made a friend!

"So, Alexis-" He starts to say, but I interrupt.
"You could call me Alex."
"Okay. So, Alex," he smiles saying the name, "What's your next class?"
"Let's see. Can you show me your schedule?"
"Yeah. Here."

Period Room Subject Teacher
1 25 Math Mrs. Summers
2 4 Eng. Ms. Gratz
3 51 Tech. Mr. Slasher
4 GYM P.E Mr. Jackson
5 25 Sci. Mrs. Summers
6 4 Hist. Mr. Slasher

"Hey! We have the same classes!" We both said at the same time. We tried to laugh quietly, but couldn't.
"Alright, class. Settle down, now," we heard Mrs. Summers say.
The rest of the period went by quickly sitting next to Aden.
"Hey, you want to sit next to me in all our classes?" I ask him.
"Yeah," he replies. After a minute or so of awkward silence he says, "You are different, you know that."
"Yeah, you two," I reply.

From that point on, we were inseparable. We were just best friends. The day came when it had to end, although I wish it hadn't. I was standing alone when I read our speech at the graduating ceremony. The thing that kills me though is that he never said goodbye.


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Published: 4/16/2013
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