There's Something about John!

It's about a girl going for the love of her life, regardless of the situations in her life.
I couldn't believe it when I saw him the first time. He was the epitome of beauty. Yes, you heard me right, beauty. I have heard people always saying that a man can never be beautiful. He can be strikingly handsome, but not beautiful. This guy had a body of an athlete, not just any athlete, but a successful one, with a square-shaped jaw, amazing blue eyes, tanned skin, tall, and a flat stomach, one would think the guy doesn't eat at all. It was love at first sight. He was the sexiest man alive to me. I thought about Brad Pitt, and I would really like to sincerely apologize to him, "Brad, you have been my god for long and you always be, but today, I've met this new god, and I don't even know his name."

As he walked passed me, with his hands in his pocket, I felt my whole body vibrating. It was like lightning, I jumped from my seat, and all I wanted to do was to hold him and beg him to be mine. Of course, that was just a wish. He just walked passed me without even a glimpse to my side. I choked, as his arms touched my left shoulder; I finished my coffee, left the bill on the table and ran after him.

As I was running towards him, I didn't see the car that was coming towards me; I was very close in touching his left arm when the car hit me. Let me tell you this: It is one experience that you would not want to have in your life. My whole body was lifted up to the air. I was flying, like a bird or at least like one; there was not even enough time to scream. I could see my whole life flashing by. I was disappointed though, course there was nothing much to see, just a few nights alone and no boyfriend around; sad indeed. It was at that time that the guy turned around to see what was happening. My body was right in the middle of the air, he gasped, and he reacted quickly as he twisted and turned as he grabbed my body before it hit the ground. He caught me; it helps to be a size 32, he was my hero, my god; he saved me. As he did that; a taxi passing by in speed splashed mud on my face. I gasped. I was covered in mud, my whole face, and part of my body. I sneezed. He stared at me; then laughed.

Everyone around him laughed too as they realized that I was not hurt.
"Are you ok?" He asked me. It was the sweetest voice that I have ever heard.
"I'm fine," I nervously replied back.

He pulled me up. As we stand close to each other, I could smell him. He smelled divine, like a real god. Of course, I don't know how a god smells, but it made sense to me. A god should smell like a god.

"My name is John," he said as a matter of fact. I hesitated. Thinking, what should I say or how should I say it. I pulled my hair to the back; I tilted my head to the side, as I was doing this; I realized that I was blushing.

"Aghh, my name is Mandy," again I hesitated, like I didn't know my own name. He smiled. I giggled. Like a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl in love, but I was in love.
"Can I do something for you? Call an ambulance?" He asked, concerned. His face was amazing.

As he was talking, I was looking at his lips, rich and full, this guy is a god of beauty, I thought to myself.
"Excuse me; what did you say?" I asked him, sounding confused; abruptly cutting off my daydreaming. He repeated again. I then told him, "I'm fine."
"Here, take this," he gave me his business card, "should you need anything, just call me on this number."
"Thank you," I said, reluctantly, asking myself, was he going to leave me after we have just met?

Yes, he did. He walked away. Just like that. I was dumbfounded. Then I had the soothing thought that at least, I had his number.

It was after a week that I decided to call him. He was very polite and he agreed to meet for lunch. The lunch was a disaster. We met at an Indian exotic restaurant. I had ordered something like spaghetti, served with tomato and basil. He had ordered the same. At first, I thought it was just a reaction to the spices, I sneezed, I apologized, we both laughed.

Again the sneezing came back, this time I was sneezing like a possessed person. I didn't know that I was allergic to Masala spices. Of course, it was even my first time to eat Indian food. At one point I had my fork on my hand when I sneezed; it flew right from my hand to his face. It caught John by surprised. He was covered with tomato sauce and spaghetti.

I panicked, I rush to the other side of the table try to wipe it off from him, and unnoticingly I was pulling the table cloth along with me. All the dishes and glasses on the table fell down on the floor. The noise was astounding. It was like a terrorist attack. You could swear that the restaurant was under attack, only to find out it was me, the sneezing terrorist.

I was so embarrassed in such a way that I ran out of the restaurant and in doing so, I tripped on the carpet on my way to the door and managed to smash into one of the waiters who was carrying a bottle of wine and some glasses. It was like a scene from a movie. In turn, the wine bottle went straight to John's feet that was running after me, this made him to fall down so hard; it was like a bag of cement been dropped on the floor. People inside the restaurant screamed and ran away from those tables close to him.

This time, as I stood by the door, I was crying and shaking uncontrollable. People in the street probably thought I was drunk in the middle of the day. I looked drunk. My hair was scruffy, my nose was running, my eyes were red from the sneezing! It was then that I noticed John following me. He was shouting something!! I couldn't hear very well because it was midday and there was a lot of traffic, vehicles hooting, and people talking out loud. He was waving his hands, pointing to me, like doing some strange alien sign language; he looked funny like a drunken traffic officer. Only to find out later that there was a bus coming towards me, and the mirror of the bus hit my head as it passed by. All I heard was a big bang on my head, and I felt like my skull was cracking up. This time, I didn't fly up in air. I just dropped down on the ground like a heavy bag of potatoes.

"Wham, Bam!!" That was me! Again, I saw my life flashing by; surprisingly, still there was nothing worth seeing!!! Then I saw John running towards me, and then all lights went out as I slowly faded into unconsciousness.

I woke up in a hospital. It was the second time I had been hit by a car.

John came to visit me in the hospital, it was so excited. As I opened my eyes, I saw him sleeping on the visitor's chair. He looked peaceful.

"Hi," I said.

He looked up; obviously been awoken from his nap. "Hi," he replied, smiling. "How are you feeling?" He asked me.

I tried to sit up; he came up and stopped me. "Don't move," he said.

My heart was beating so fast. It was like a thousand horses galloping in my chest. My head was still hurting, but all I wanted to do was to kiss him. He came closer as if knowing my deepest desires. I could feel his warm breath under mine as he got closer. This time my heart was beating like a hammer, banging on my ribcage as if it were going to jump out. As I close my eyes, yearning, and anticipating his kiss, the moment was there, the friction was undeniable, even the lust surpassed anything that I was feeling at that moment. His skin was soft like silk. As our lips touched, I swallowed hard and that was when the nurse walked in on us.

I panicked, jumped and hit John by mistake on the forehead with my left hand. Somehow pulling the drip from the machine next to me, which went straight to John's face, he screamed and stood up. I tried to sit up, calling at John; he had his hand on his left eye, screaming in pain. He stepped backwards, hitting the bed rail, hitting the nurse on the face with his right hand. The nurse screamed, shouting as she tried to hold John from falling down. She recovered, stood up. She quickly rushed to my side, replaced the drip back and went to help John. She checked him and said he was fine; it was just liquid from the drip that had caused a burning sensation to his eye.

And that was when it dawned on me, there was something about John. Whenever he was around me, I was a klutz. I was clumsy around him. I did and said stupid things around him. Since I saw him, I was hit by a car twice, saw my life flashing by me twice, almost destroyed a restaurant; almost made him blind with my hospital drip. Surprisingly, with all the commotion in the room, John came forward again to the side of my bed, held me close and kissed me hard on the lips.

We kissed!! I was so excited!! I almost jumped from my bed. He has just realized the same thing too; that I was a klutz, and he had fallen for this klutz.

Call me what, a klutz, clumsy, stupid, idiot, well; I have another name for it, it's called "crazy in love". Yes, there was something about John... I was in love with him!
Published: 2/14/2014
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