These Tears of Mine

Despair to hope like life.
They fall like rain, these tears of mine,
Endless flowing a salty brine,
Sad blue eyes, so cold and dead,
Rattle round an empty head.

Long lost dreams of lover's past,
A hidden proof that love can't last,
And yet you hold my hand so tight,
Saving me in darkest light.

The barest hope of wait and see,
Someday you'll be here with me,
Eyes now dry and filled with hope,
Beholding you I now can cope.

You to me and me to you,
A twist of fate has joined us two,
Someday we'll meet in this brief life,
Filled with peace away from strife.

On sandy beaches we will walk,
Hand in hand we need not talk,
Revel in our joy and love,
While butterflies float up above.
Published: 6/20/2013
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