Things Come Together

Our scattered opinions could still make a whole if only we can take time to reason together.
When it starts to startle,
Then, the forceful force bustle,
Leaving a widely wide hustle,
For that jointed joint to jostle,
And the parted parts now begin to rustle.

The unclear opinions will gather,
Diverse thoughts for one matter,
With principles and skills to further;
Things must come together.

The seeing seer that should see is who?
One plus one must be equal to two.
Let's now form the formula with you;
Things must surely come together as a coup.

Add the appointed disappointments;
Shuffling the failed success implements,
Let's gather the broken whole that fundaments,
The destroyed repairs of its parliaments.

Gather together the parts;
Re-building the once built carts,
Clean up the fetid farts,
Wipe away all lissome starts.

Love one another,
Stitch your care to go further,
Merge the beautifuls together;
The uglys, recreate and gather.
Then, things will come together.
Published: 5/21/2015
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