Things To Do for Fun

Fun - a word that we use so loosely that it may have almost lost its original meaning. As a word, different people have given it different renditions and different reasons. Technically, the word fun means "Activities that are enjoyable or amusing". So, let's see a few things to do for fun.
In today's high-paced lifestyle, time is the one thing that no one has. But is it? I think people have just forgotten how to use small amounts of time to make big memories and have a lot of fun. Let's check out these things that can be done for fun and have a great time.
  • Reading is a really fun activity: Yes, I know that not many people are into books, but most people are into comics, right? So, catch up on your favorite comic book, be it Archies or Jose and the Pussycats and enjoy a cuppa with some good, old-fashioned comedy.
  • Go for a run: Yes, doesn't sound like much fun now, but when you get back from running, you will realize the amazing feeling of rejuvenation and health. More so, a regular run will keep you healthy, kill some time and give you a great night's slumber.
  • Listen to Music: This option is especially good for couples. Listening to music together is almost like having dinner together, only that it is food for the soul. Don't you think that it will be a more enriching experience, to share with a loved one?
  • Eat Out: This is an age-old, tried and tested method. Eating out in your favorite restaurant with friends or family can be a fun activity to do. You can have your favorite meal and get served as per your whims. However, it could be an expensive habit to maintain.
  • Pottery: Pottery is a great way to improve your dexterity and increase focus. More so, you get to create something with your very own hands, with mud. In a way, you get to play God! What fun!
  • Play: I know I sound childish in advising you to go out and play. But don't you think it would be nice to have a healthy meaning to the phrase "go out and get some fresh air"? So get out the sports wear and shoot some hoops. Get back that flexibility that you may have lost, who knows, it might benefit you ultimately, if you know what I mean!
  • Shop: Shopping therapy is a great way to drop the work thoughts and get those legs in motion, as well as the wallets. More so, you don't necessarily need to spend money and buy things, you could just go out window shopping and stay updated about the current trends in fashion. They can really help as conversation starters.
  • Cook: Cooking is a great medium to express yourself through food. Get into the kitchen and start whipping up some tasty delights. More so, if the one having this meal is a loved one, the expression on their faces will be worth a million bucks!!
  • Nail Art: Yes, this is for the ladies, exclusively. Honestly, nail art helps kill hours of time and keep the hands looking gorgeous. More so, you could give your self a good manicure before that. Why not indulge in pampering, right?
  • Work Out: A good gym work out can be a lot of fun. Just an hour at the gym can make you feel much better about yourself, physically and mentally. In fact, it has been physically proven that a good physical exercise is great for mental health as well.
  • Party: Get out the party wear and the dancing shoes and hit the club. An evening of music and dancing can be the relaxation that you have been looking for. More so, it is fun, period! So, gather your friends and bring on the wingmen, it's time to hit the club!
  • Drive Around: Long drives have long since been a fun thing to do. Just pick a day, put on some music and hit the road. The open road will give you enough space to think and enough time to kill and use. So, get out the car keys and hit the road!
  • Run Errands: Well, I am sure that some of you are doubting my sanity at this point of time. But honestly, get together with your best friend and spend time running errands and getting done with jobs that need to be done. Not only will the jobs be done, but the two of you will spend time together as well. Just give it a shot, I am sure you will enjoy it.
  • Get into the Sheets: So you have a free day and want to have some fun? Who says that intimacy is not an option. Get into the blissful feeling that only intimacy and oneness can give. Spend hours in each others arms and burn off the excess fat, as well. Time to spice up the love life? Why not?
Wow! I had no idea that I would end up listing out so many things that can be done to have fun. This is where I sign off!
By Rashida Khilawala
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