Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

What are the cute things to say to your girlfriend? This is one question which haunts the minds of millions of boys across the globe. If you want to know about the many nice things that you could say, then this article has the answer to the conundrum you are in.
Impressing your girlfriend is an art which every guy should learn for his good. The way you talk to your girlfriend, your attitude towards her, the sacrifices you make for her are the things which are important in order to maintain a healthy relationship with your girlfriend. Many times guys end up saying the wrong things at wrong times and this may result in the end of the relationship. Understanding the things to say to your girlfriend is easy for men who have a certain level of maturity. The things to talk to your girlfriend mentioned in the next few paragraphs will help you understand better.

Things to Say to Her

While you interact with your girlfriend, you should remember that speaking to the point is very important. The kind of language you use also matters a lot. If your language is abusive, no girl will feel liking talking to you and continuing a relationship with you.

Praising your girlfriend's looks by saying, "You are the prettiest girl I have ever met" or "You are as beautiful as a princess" would be a fine idea. Remember that you should not use too much of exaggeration as she may think that you are not praising her from your heart. Your conversation should be natural which will please your girlfriend. Now, assume that you have had a big fight with your girlfriend recently and you are in a mood to make up with her. How will you approach her? What should you say? The answer is simple. You can say "I am sorry darling, I reacted the wrong way" or "Give me one more chance and I will keep you happy throughout my life." As a good boyfriend, you should always be full of surprises as girls simply love them. What you can do is to go to your girlfriend's place and invite her for a party at your home or for a film at a nearby multiplex. You can say it in a cool manner like, "Hey, let's go for a film together."

Apart from these, there are many more nice things that you can say to your girlfriend. You can discus topics such as your higher education and career with your girlfriend. Tell her your future education plans and ask her what her plans are. You can also discuss topics such as business, sports, politics, history etc. You can ask her about her varied interests, who her favorite sports personality is, what kind of books she likes. There is no dearth of topics that you can talk to your girlfriend about. Your conversation with your girlfriend can be a good blend of serious as well as casual matters. You can ask her about her hobbies and general likes and dislikes. You can discuss the various ways of celebrating big events like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. This discussion can be quite helpful if you have to celebrate your girlfriend's birthday. If you have to build a solid personal relationship with your girlfriend, then talking with her about her family is essential as this will help you to know more about her. You can ask her about her parent's occupation and their interests.

One of the most interesting things to discuss is holiday destinations. Ask her questions about her favorite holiday destination and the reason behind her choosing that place. You can also discuss topics like relationships, love and marriage. Say things like "When will you be back?", "I remember you a lot!" when you miss her.

These were some of the things that you can to say to your girlfriend. While interacting with her, don't just go on talking about what you feel but also give her an opportunity to express her views. Surely, by following these instructions and dating tips for men, you will never make her angry or frustrated.
By Charlie S
Published: 5/11/2010
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