Third Row Seating Vehicles

If you have an eight-member family and want to take everyone on a drive along with luggage, you need a third row seating vehicle with sufficient cargo space...
Third row seating vehicles are good options in a situation where you want to carry more than five people along with their luggage. Vehicles with third row seating are SUVs, crossovers, and large vans. These vehicles seat seven to nine people comfortably along with cargo at the back. You need to know that the seat setup is very significant and flexible in these automobiles. The seats are placed and can be adjusted in a way which would allow a person to make space for additional cargo if required. Such seats are known as foldable seats. The luxury and comfort of passengers is also not sacrificed in order to make space for cargo.

Chevrolet Traverse
This stylish crossover from Chevrolet comfortably seats seven to eight passengers along with offering the best safety features. You can choose four variants from either AWD or 4WD. You can even opt for 8-passenger seating with a bench seat in the second and third row, or 8-passenger seating captain chairs in the second row and a bench seat in the third. The second-row seating can be moved out of the way to get access to the third row. This vehicle is available at a starting price of about $29,500. This is one of the best luxury SUVs with 3rd row seating.

Volvo XC90
Volvo is absolutely the best when it comes to passenger safety and comfort. As a result you have the XC90. It has a capacity to seat seven people along with a cargo capacity of 85.1 cu.ft. Unlike other SUVs, there are seven ergonomically designed individual seats, each of which can be folded to add to the space and comfort. Seats in the third row can be folded down to make a flat load compartment. The middle seat in the second row, meant for seating a child, can be moved forward so that it can be closer to the first seating row. The cost of this SUV starts at around $38,000. An AWD variant is also available for which you have to pay more.

Ford Expedition
SUVs from Ford are known to be those with spacious and comfortable interiors. A good example is its Expedition model. Along with a powerful engine, it offers enough passenger and luggage space. The front offers traditional bucket seats. The second row has 40/20/40 split-folding seats with CenterSlide that enables you to shift the second row a bit to the front. This creates more room for third-row passengers, and also allows to keep second-row occupants closer to the driver's compartment. The manually-controlled third-row 60/40 fold-flat split bench is standard in XL and XLT variants. The base XL model starts at around $37,000.

Lexus LX 570
This is one of the best SUVs with 3rd row seating. With a seating capacity of eight adults, it also has decent cargo space. The power-slide second row has 40/20/40-split seats for easy cargo storage at the back. In addition, the 50/50-split third-row seat also can be folded to the sides, for extra luggage space. This can be done at a touch of a button. This spacious SUV provides flexible configurations for any type of passenger seating and cargo storage requirements. There is only one variant in this model which comes at a base price of about $79,000.

Honda Odyssey
The Honda Odyssey minivan is one of the most comfy vehicles for passengers. It has the capacity to seat eight adults. The middle seat in the second row can be shifted in the front by 5.5 inches for easy access from first row, which is useful when a child is seated on the middle seat. The second row comes with the 'wide mode', meaning the outboard seats can be moved by 1.5 inches to their respective sides. The middle second row seat can also be used as beverage holders and a tray when folded; this feature being available only on variants EX and above. The One-Motion 60/40 Split 3rd-Row Magic Seat can totally be moved to the cargo space to create a flat bench for luggage. The base LX trim variant is available from approximately $28,000.

There are many other SUVs, crossovers, and minivans that come in this category such as Chrysler Town and Country, Volkswagen Routan, Ford Flex, and Dodge Durango. These vehicles are most comfortable in long touring situations with more family members. Note that the seating configurations may vary as per model variants and trim packages of a particular vehicle. Therefore, it is recommended to check the seating configurations practically at the showroom.
By Stephen Rampur
Published: 3/16/2011
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