This Generation

How this generation is today...
We love what we want,
To love us back, but they never will,
We crave things that we chase away,
'Cause we fear the worst they might actually do,
Which in reality is nothing.

We cry over things we want to last forever,
'Cause we fell in love with the lies they told,
And the promises they couldn't keep.

But as of today, we live in a generation,
Where guys would rather sleep with you,
Than be with you.

Where your appearance is more important,
Than the type of person you are,
But, we all want love.

But, some of us just can't be faithful,
Which causes another girl to have trust issues,
And a broken heart.

I mean, who knows she might even turn cold,
'Cause she swears, every guy is the same,
But in reality they're not.
Published: 6/15/2013
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