This is Death

My point of view of what soldiers thoughts are.
This is death. The blood gush’s. Don’t stop. Get up. Fight. Fight. FIGHT! Grab gun. Shoot. shoot. Kill. Kill. No hesitation. Think of motivation. Think of your unborn baby girl. No more war. Peace. No peace. Just death. This is death. Don't stop. Hesitation is risky. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Gernade. Launch. Duck. BOOM! Sounds? Search for living targets. Chance of survival? Zero. Outnumbered by 10. Dying is inevitable. Fallen comrades? Locate. Locate. Found crouching behind concrete. Search. Search. Escape route found. Look. Run. Crouch. Look. Run. Shot’s. Crouch. Cover. Return fire. Kill. This is death. Gernade. BOOM. Tankers are coming. Find shelter. Rocket launcher. This is death. Run. Run. to late. This is death.
Published: 4/21/2010
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