This is Not Me-ow! (2)

Picture of Zate.
"I wonder though, what's a beautiful kitten like you doing out here in these shady corners?"

"I don't know..." I mutter. My eyes are fixed onto the three thugs sprawled out across the cemented ground. I worry they might regain their consciousness and attack again but, for the meantime, they seem to be glued to their spots. Flies are buzzing above their unconscious bodies, while a bird execrates from the sky - its white poop splattering against the blond guy's cheek.

"This is all a bad dream. I just wish I could escape this," I admit with a heavy sigh. Zate jumps in front of me, blocking my sight of the three guys, forcing me to look at his unusual face. I move back a little. The closer he gets, he scarier he becomes.

"You can! You don't have to stay like this for long," he exclaims enthusiastically, as his red eyes glow with such intensity.

"Really?" I ask. I feel my ears perking up, along with my hopes.

"Yes! There is a world away from the humans, where animals like us are in charge. We don't have to live in fear of those puny humans. Come with me!"

Omigod, what a fantastic idea. I'll just follow this demonic looking, strange cat into a world where I don't belong. I'm sure nothing bad is going to happen to me.

Pfft. I'm not that stupid.

"No, that's not what I meant... I'm just gonna go," I mumble, walking away.

I need to find that strange woman who ditched me onto that dangerous road. I feel like she holds the key to a lot of my answers. Where could she have run off to? I need to go back to that place and investigate the area closely. Perhaps I can find clues that lead me to her. Yes! That's it! I'll be just like a detective!

Zate jumps right in front of me again, blocking my path.

"No!" He cries out.


"A tiny kitten like you will be crushed out there!" He continues, stepping closer to me, his creepy face inches away from mine. Jeez, doesn't he know anything about personal space?

"I saved you once, but who knows if I can save you again! I'm a busy cat, you know, I've got other priorities."

"Good for you, but I can take care of myself," I snap. As much as I appreciated him saving me, I was quickly beginning to lose patience.

His glowing red eyes fixate on my neck. "You don't have a collar. That means you don't have an owner. Don't you see? That's more of a reason for you to come with me!"

"I said no! I don't need you or anyone else!" I yell in frustration. I push him away with my paws in all my might. He hardly budged from his original position. Have I gotten weaker, or is he insanely strong?

Zate tilts his head, almost seeming amused. It's like this is all just a game to him. He doesn't understand. He will never understand. He's just a weird cat, after all.

You see, I had to fend for myself growing up in this world of evil and suffering. I was an orphan child. I was the child that no one cared about. The child that was neglected. I lived in the streets for a while, and I worked hard in this dog-eat-dog world to get by. I want to return to that life that I've worked so hard to build over these twenty-two years.

"Look, I can see it in your eyes that you're unhappy. So, I'm gonna do this for your sake," Zate says.

"Do what?" I ask, confused.

Just then, his elastic tail coils around my little body so quickly that I barely had any time to react. He hoists me up from the ground. Whoa!

"Let me go!" I scream.

"No can do, you're coming with me."

Oh, hell no!

I screech and bite his tail as hardly as I can.


Big mistake. I might as well have bit into a metal pole. The motion caused vibrations to shoot through my tiny body, shaking me to the core. It made me feel sick and dizzy. Eurgh... what on earth is his tail made out of? Iron?

"Hey! Quit tickling me," Zate says, making me glower furiously at him. "Once you see the place, you'll regret doing that to me."

Before I can even open my mouth to protest, the world blurs past me. The wind is slapping my face furiously, making the fur on my body jump to attention. I close my eyes, as I feel my little face flapping against the wind, like playdough being stretched. My cries are easily lost, trapped within my throat. It's a scary yet wonderful feeling - almost like I'm flying! He's going so fast that I can barely catch my breath!

"Pretty impressive, huh? Not even a cheetah can outrun me!" Zate says arrogantly. "Cover your mouth and eyes, or you'll regret it."

I'll regret it?

What's that supposed to mean?

"Are you threatening me?!" I shout, outraged. "Just who do you think you-!"

Suddenly, something flew into my mouth.

Oh god.

I'm choking.

I swat desperately at the material with my paws. It's sticky. Why is it so sticky!? Somehow, with my crazy fumbling, I managed to make it cover my eyes too! So, now, all I see is white. The suffocating material is bigger than me, making it difficult to grip it properly. Grr, the struggles of being so tiny!

Eventually, we stop moving.

Finally, I can see again.

The first thing I notice is how isolated the surrounding is. In the near distance, I can see a forest that swallows up the entire area, seeming dark and misty. I have no chance of escaping through there, as I fear the darkness will engulf me, and I'll easily get lost. Or I'll get eaten by a grizzly bear. However, I have no choice but to travel there, seeing as the other end holds an infinite ocean into the unknown. Just what secluded place did this demon cat bring me to?

I look at him for answers. He's standing in front of me, holding what appears to be a white plastic bag.

"You could have clawed your way out of this carrier bag, you know," he says nonchalantly.

My god, the nerve of that cat! He cannot be serious! I was practically choking and blinded for that entire journey, and he tells me this now?

I whip my claws out for the first time and I scratch his head. "You're a jerk. I could have choked to death."

"Hey! I warned you to close your mouth!" He protests, as he pats his head with his paw.

"Oh, I like this one. She's feisty."

What was that?

Just then, the ocean water sprays everywhere, as the creature's massive head rises. It is the largest mammal I've ever seen, yet it is only showing less than half of its body. It's already bad enough that I'm so tiny and the world has doubled in size for me. However, my heart almost stops beating at the sight of such a humongous creature, seeming at least 100 ft. tall. It opens its huge mouth, revealing its monstrosity of a tongue - which is like the size of a car!

"A blue whale!" I squeak out.

"Actually, my name is Mimsy," the deep voice responds. I can imagine the sound of its voice reverberating around the never-ending ocean, loud enough for the sea creatures to hear miles away.

"Mimsy..." I repeat shakily. How is it possible that I'm able to understand this mammal? It's one thing that I'm talking to Zate, another cat like me, but a whole different species like the blue whale? How on earth is that possible? On what planet does that make sense!?

"Mims is chill. You don't have to fear her," Zate says, attempting to reassure me but failing at it. "She protects everyone. Isn't that right, Mims?"

"Yes, and I'll undoubtedly protect a cute kitten like you," Mimsy says.

Should I even ask? I have to know.

"Protect me... from what?"

"The humans, what else?" Zate replies in a matter-of-fact way. "Speaking of which, we shouldn't stay here any longer. They'll be looking for us."

"Looking? Wait, what?"

The confusion never ends. So many unanswered questions! So many events happening that my poor brain cannot handle it!

"Hey! Watch it!" I shout, as Zate lifts me up again effortlessly with his sturdy tail, holding me in place with its iron-like grip. With an enormous leap, he lands onto the whale's body and climbs up her in no time. For me, the sensation replicates that of a curvy rollercoaster ride. I feel thankful when he stops.

Then I open my eyes.

They almost poke out of my sockets.

It is so baffling that I'm viewing the world from a miniature kitten's perspective. At one point, I felt so inferior and vulnerable like an ant. Now I'm with the biggest mammal known to mankind, and I'm sitting on its back, gazing down at the world surrounded by the endless, sparkling ocean. Has it always been this minuscule? Is this what being on top of Mount Everest feels like? Heck, I feel like shouting, 'I am Queen of the World!'

"Hold on tight!" Zate tells me, snapping me back to reality. "Or else you'll regret it."

Oh, boy. Here we go again.
Published: 7/16/2018
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