This Too Shall Pass

To live in the moment, is to live wisely. Experience the experience! Life is beautiful and so are you, if only you could live in the 'now' of the moment...
Everything passes you by,
Sorrow and fame and sigh,
As in the moment you lie,
Live life with blissful eye.

If impermanence is what,
Life's all about and sought
Don't in moment get caught,
And see the battle being fought.

The past and future you know,
Battle as you reap and sow,
And revel in temporary show,
Of good times and the low.

If only you can detach,
You will learn how to catch,
And every moment snatch,
From behind lock and latch.

Live as if each day was the last,
Shed baggage, kick off the past,
Set the keel and repair mast,
Let the foghorn of life blast.

We live but a moment, a while,
Let's walk that beautiful mile,
Getting rid of intention vile,
And, instead of!
By Gaynor Borade
Published: 4/6/2009
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