Those Hidden Tears

Of girl child's parents.
Beautiful rose bloomed in their home.
Ten months of that year prepared for her welcome.
Little angel was placed in her royal crib.
Tied around her neck was a pink bib.
She was handled with utmost care.
To lift her, the very afraid dad didn’t dare.
He found her too delicate to carry, fearing she may cry.
Eveready with nappy, he kept the baby dry.
Days rolled to months to year at a very fast pace.
Crib to pram to squeaking shoes, baby made everyone chase.
Soon, the baby turned to a little girl.
Cute she looked with that cuter curl.
Time transformed the chubby doll in to slender maiden.
Her simplicity and humility couldn’t keep her charm hidden.
Versatile suitors lined up to ask for her hand.
Very soon would be heard her wedding band.
Her parents were at a loss of words to express their happiness.
Behind their tears of joy hidden were those of sadness.
Beloved daughter would be leaving her maiden home.
Left behind will be her sweet memories and maiden name.
Published: 9/12/2008
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