Those Three Magic Words

The things we say when we realize love has found us.
The silence is broken, the truth is revealed,
I heard tears in your voice, no longer concealed,
Breathless and nervous, longing to say,
Those three magic words.

My heart; it was racing, beating so fast,
The voice of my loved one, to cherish at last,
Trying so hard to hide my real joy,
To play it so cool, acting all coy,
Those three magic words.

Short though our time was, my heart's racing still,
To hear you my love, oh, such a thrill,
Lying awake now, alone in my bed,
Recalling with wonder the few things we said,
Those three magic words.

I Love You, I whispered, breathless and scared,
Wanting to shout it, if only I dared,
I love you, you told me, bold as can be,
Like arrows of joy, piercing deep into me,
Those three magic words.
Published: 6/10/2013
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