Those Were the Days

If only time stood still...
I miss those days so bliss...
When you simply held my hand to say you're there,
When you and me had everything to share,
When the words you spoke was nothing but poetry to my ears,
When I knew you were there to take care of all my fears.

The best days were...
When you whispered sweet-nothings that gave me a smile,
When you went away and the distance wasn't just a mile,
When your one look gave me that much-needed calm,
When hearing your voice all day was the norm.

Time should have stood still...
When your smile was always there to brighten my day,
When I knew that you would show me the way,
When I mattered more than anyone out there,
When it was us and didn't matter where.

Happiness knew no bounds...
When your lovely handwritten notes made my day,
When I could smell your fragrance all the way,
When you made it a point to know my every thought,
When we were so excited about everything we bought.

You have no idea what you mean to me...
How can I simply let things be.
By Clifford AGA
Published: 11/7/2012
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