Thoughts Of You

A haunting memory.
Like a whisper on the wind
I hear your voice say my name,
I look all around me,
But already, you are gone,
To melt back into the shadows
Like a thought of deja vu.
This isn't the first time
I've been lost in thoughts of you.

I hear you speak to me
From a flickering tongue of candlelight,
Hypnotized by its dancing flame,
I await your return tonight.
For I know you will return to me,
As you always do,
To tantalize and tease me,
When I'm lost in thoughts of you.

Sometimes I can see you
Through the opaqueness of a veil,
When your transparent shadow
Offers to reveal itself.
But it lasts no more than a moment,
This episode from my youth.
A fleeting glimpse yesterday,
Brought on by thoughts of you.

I hear the swish of flowing dress
As a cold air passes through me,
Creeping up and down my spine,
In the form of haunting memories.
I can almost taste your presence,
Your scent lingers in my room
Like a sweet pagan elixir.
Insistent thoughts of you.

I never did believe in ghosts,
But now I'm not so sure,
How else can I explain your calling,
From beyond my Ouija board?
You have spoken through the letters,
The signs and symbols too,
They all seem to be alluding
To the same strange thoughts of you.
Published: 7/20/2011
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